[37], In 2012, after Aarushi's parents were charged with the murder, the CBI claimed that according to the experts, the "dimensions of the striking distance" of one of Rajesh's golf clubs was identical to the dimensions of the injuries found on the bodies. [7][44] According to the CBI, no bloodstains were found on the book The 3 Mistakes of My Life, which Aarushi was supposedly reading before her murder.

[6], The neighbour Puneesh Tandon later told the court that when he visited the Talwar residence on the morning of 16 May, he asked Nupur's father if he had called the police. The critics argued that the alleged [tabloid journalism] by an overzealous media, along with the police's missteps, had "prejudiced the course of justice". But they too seemed infected with curiosity as they discussed the acquittal and wondered who killed Aarushi and Hemraj in the locked house that fateful summer night nine years ago. [41] According to the defence witness Dr. RK Sharma, the wounds could have been caused by surgical scalpel No. Truth : There were only 3 people who knows the truth. [69], Aarushi used a gloss black Nokia N72. Since on Thursday, the family has been dodging reporters and the media spotlight that have returned to the flat after Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were acquitted by the Allahabad High Court in the murder of their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj. During 16–17 May, a series of telephonic conversations happened between KK Gautam, Dr. Sushil Chaudhury and Rajesh's brother Dinesh Talwar. These keys were normally kept on Nupur's bedside table. The CBI later stated that the dimensions of the striking surface of the golf club bearing No. [85] Renuka Chowdhury, the Minister for Women and Child Development, demanded the suspension of Inspector-General Singh.

eventAction: 'view' According to Nupur, Hemraj's keys would usually be kept on the sideboard, but she couldn't find them on that morning; so, she threw down her own keys to the maid.

Nupur Talwar requested the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) to stop Balaji Telefilms from airing the show, saying that the production house was trying to earn TRPs by exploiting a tragedy.

The investigators found a smudged blood-stained palm print on the terrace wall.

I tried to console him by putting my hand on his shoulders but Rajesh pushed my hands and went inside Aarushi's room.

Umesh told me that the mattress and bed sheet have to be kept at the terrace because they had to clean the house. However, Rajesh denied any knowledge about such a call. Her parents, Nupur and Rajesh Talwar, and their live-in domestic help Hemraj were believed to be in the house at the time of the murder. [102] The police released selective e-mails to indicate that Aarushi was not on good terms with her father. On 16 May 2008 in Noida, India, the family's housemaid Bharati rang their doorbell around 6 am. But the Talwars did not send her Hemraj's dues after his murder. According to this statement, Gautam saw three glasses, two of which had some quantity of liquor in them, while the third one was empty. [137] Arun Kumar's tenure at CBI ended in September 2009. Singhal thus considered her as officially on leave at the time she prepared Aarushi's slides. The Meghna Gulzar-directed film portrayed the murders and the subsequent events from the perspective of several witnesses.

Dr. Dohre stated that Aarushi's hymen was ruptured, and her private parts appeared to have been cleaned. Three elders reveal what it takes to be a leader. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) {

1, 3 and 5), 7 irons (No. The prosecutors said the crime scene had also been dressed to mislead investigators. Nupur was put in a room with her cousin and a woman constable, while Rajesh was arrested and taken to a local magistrate. Hemraj got scared and threatened to tell Aarushi's parents about the incident. [193][194], The 2017 Tamil language movie Nibunan features a plot in which a young girl and a family servant are murdered by the girl's parents for having an affair. [1], According to the police, Hemraj had told some of his friends about a threat to his life. THE PIYO PUTAR DIALOGUES (BBC News; Calcutta; 8 September: A Indian railway station which was abandoned for 42 years because of fears that it was haunted has reopened in the eastern state of West Bengal.Locals and railway workers say they lived in fear of a female phantom who frequented Begunkodor 260km (161 miles) from the state capital, Calcutta. A book and a movie: Seven years after the double murders, journalist Avirook Sen’s book Aarushi once again thrust the case in the limelight. In addition, Rajesh taught at the ITS dental college in Greater Noida. ", "Arushi murder: Police hint at honour killing", "Aarushi murder: Doctor cites own sex life to bolster CBI case", "Aarushi trial: Others apart from Talwars, Hemraj were present, says defence", "Aarushi Trial: Are the Talwars the only possible suspects? She opened the latch and walked in. [47], The bed sheet had a wet circular mark below her pelvic area, which was not urine.

Aarushi Talwar: India's 'most talked-about' murder verdict The murders generated huge interest in India, with every twist and turn in the case receiving wall-to-wall coverage. We need to acknowledge the misery that our system and our society have cost the parents," Aditya Wadhwa, another lawyer for the Talwars, told reporters. The couple’s failure to explain the double murders in their house stacked up as crucial circumstantial evidence, leading to their conviction.

X killed arushi and hemraj. Rajesh was working in his Hauz Khas clinic at the time, while Nupur was in another area of Noida (Fortis Hospital), as indicated by her mobile phone records. On 21 July, Rajesh Talwar asked the court to pass a restraint order against the "unethical and misleading information" being published by the print media outlets. It could be opened only from inside or from outside with a key. An attempt had been made to hide Hemraj's body, as evident by the fact that it had been covered with a cooler panel and that the iron grill separating the adjacent terrace had been covered with a bed sheet.

According to the police, Hemraj had shared with some of his friends that there was a threat to his life. Citing critical gaps in investigations, Kaul’s team recommended the case be closed and named Rajesh Talwar as the sole suspect based on circumstantial evidence but didn’t charge him for lack of evidence. The three men "escaped from the roof of the building after locking the terrace door". Why Did Congress Not Gather Courage To File Such Cases: Amit Shah On Son's Defamation Suit, Jharkhand Bypolls Record 13.28 Per Cent Voting Till 9 AM, Do Vote, So That New Government Of Your Choice Is Formed: Rahul Gandhi To Bihar Voters, India's Covid-19 Caseload Reaches 82.67 Lakh, Recoveries Surge To 76,03,121, WhatsApp 'Disappearing Messages' Feature Out Now; Here's How It Works. The guards at the society said the Talwars after their release might live in the house of Nupur Talwar's father, who lived a few blocks away in Sector 25, as tenants were currently living in their apartment. [19], In August 2012, the CFSL DNA scientist BK Mahapatra claimed that he had found male DNA on Aarushi's pillow, leading credence to the theory that Hemraj was present in her room.

}); This indicates that the ringer was not silent. However, they did not inform CBI for over a year. Commissioned by Channel NewsAsia, it was produced by StoryTeller Films. What if your pet could 'talk'? The Internet router was used for the last time at 12:08 am. Around three hours after the estimated time of Aarushi's murder, the internet router in her room was switched off at 3:43 am. Rajesh stated that two days before the murders, he had reprimanded Thadarai for making an incorrect dental cast. The defence argued that the CBI officers had drawn the words "golf club" from Dohre's mouth.

Copyright © HT Media Limited All rights reserved. Two to three people with Umesh kept the mattress covered with bed sheet dragging. In the film, the teenager was named Shruti Tandon, perhaps a throwback to the press conference when a top police officer repeatedly referred to Aarushi as Shruti. window.googletag.cmd.push(function() { Scribes intermittently pressed the buzzer seeking permission to shoot the inside the house but the door remained steadfastly shut. [24][28][29] Thus, the bloodstains might have been left by the group that tried taking Aarushi's mattress to the Talwars' terrace.

When he left for a vacation 8 months before the murder, he introduced Hemraj to the Talwars as his replacement.

The three men reached the Talwars residence around midnight. The Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj double murder that gripped the country in 2008 still remains a mystery, spawning books, films and countless conspiracy theories. The CBI suspected that the weapon used to deliver the blow was one of Rajesh's golf clubs.

Hemraj had spoken of a threat to his life before his death. eventAction: 'render' eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(),

The mobile phones of Aarushi and Hemraj were destroyed.

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