We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The American Rabbit was originally accepted into the ARBA as a 'Blue' rabbit, and historically has been characterized as having the deepest, darkest fur of all blue or grey rabbits. DHgate are always here to offer american blue rabbits with lowest price, highest quality, and best customer services. Like many American people, the American breed rabbit is a combination of immigrants welded together by blood to become a distinctly different and American creation.

The body shape suggests that it may well have been bred from blue Vienna, Beveren, Imperial and Flemish Giants.

American Rabbits were popular animals up until the 1950s, kept for their fur and meat. They does make excellent mothers and have very good maternal instincts. The breed standard for American Rabbits calls for a mandolin or semi-arch shape and a long loin, as opposed to the more common 'commercial' or rounded shape typical of quality New Zealand rabbit or Californian rabbit breeds.

Americans, or sometimes called American Standard rabbits, are one of the easier breeds to own and care for. Additionally, American’s are known to have very sweet temperaments and are quite docile. They were developed, in Pasadena, CA, by Lewis H Salisbury in 1917 and then recognized as a new breed of domesticated rabbit by the ARBA in 1918. [2] As with all domestic rabbits, the American breed is of the species Oryctolagus cuniculus, the European wild rabbit. Replication of the development of this breed would be diffi…
The German Blue was developed in America by Lewis H. Salisbury of Pasadena California who never really divulged which breeds he crossed to get t…

In more recent years, rabbit keepers — especially rescue organizations — unfamiliar with the history of rabbit breeding in the US have been referring to mixed breed or "mutt" rabbits as "American". They tend to have large litters with the fryers growing quickly reaching marketable weights relatively fast. The American Rabbit is a breed of rabbit, recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1917. The American Blue rabbit is a breed known for being multipurpose for their meat and fur. Signup for our newsletter and we will keep you updated with tips, news and more! It was developed by selecting white sports (mutants), and adding in white red-eyed white (albino) Flemish giants in the bloodline. Some suggest that the American was the first rabbit breed developed in the United States, however, the New Zealand Red predates the American Blue by several years. [1] It has also been noted for a good 'sweet' temperament and good mothering abilities. [6] This has led to some confusion over the actual status of this historic breed. They are a heritage breed and are on the endangered breeds list.
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