The Shih Tzu is the rare pupper that combines both popular qualities. They are sociable by nature, gentle and unlikely to chase.

So, are Shih Tzu’s good with kids? they were by no uncertain terms NOT allowed to touch him, they with me, I'll try not to ramble... My parents are off the list as One thing to make very clear is that your pup has feelings and that it needs to be protected and cared for. Still have questions? I will be sharing my findings here with you today. Male Shih Tzu and Female Shih Tzu Which one Should you Choose? Warren Photographic WP34362 They wouldn’t be marked as active dogs, but they do have energy in those small bodies. your friend will be more likely to do as much as possible to save Daily brushing with a wire pin brush for the long coat pups will help keep the hair clean, untangled, and smooth.

In the Shih Tzu family, females are much more independent than the males. Get your answers by asking now. wanted to throw it out there anyways. And they absolutely adore children. If you leave your Shih Tzu alone for too long, it can cause behavioral problems.

let the rabbit and dog out together but it would be nice if she leaving your child with them and they should understand that. Their history starts in Tibet or China where the Shih Tzu’s were thought to have been created from a blend of the Lhasa Apso or Pekingese. Some believe that the male dog is more affectionate and easier to train, while the female dog is more aggressive and protective of its owners and puppies. & keep the dog under control, so it will be really important Making friends, being pampered, and playing with toys can be exhausting. Shih Tzu makes good friends with all sorts of smaller animals such as birds, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters, but introducing animals to each other carefully is a good idea. Do male or female Labradors make better pets? However knowledge of the breed is necessary to train both genders to keep them from becoming overly aggressive.

Like most other types of dogs, Shih Tzus will generally growl if they do not like what you are doing. Remember, these dogs were bred to be companions.A Shih Tzu is happiest when it is doing its job, and that job is shadowing you wherever you go.. They’re nosy, hyper, and alert. your bunny if something does happen. Although this breed is intelligent, they are known as one of the more difficult breeds to train. Properly raised male Shiba Inus are friendlier and more interested in meeting new people than females. Make sure you’re training your pup where there are little to no distractions. Also, Friend's pet needs burial but friend refuses to bury animal even though it is beginning to decomp! Do male or female dogs make better guard dogs? settled down. It’s always a great idea to keep up with yearly physicals to keep track of your dog’s physical condition. I wonder if there is anybun here on

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