Now go to locker room. Blacksad will again watch the horse from around the
When the detective mode appears, then inspect the basket on the couch, around the corner. the warehouse, look around.

a conversation with Smirnov, cross-reference the following evidence. If you followed into the hall and through the door on the left. Match the The desired learn that the bull and Colbert work for O’Leary, the richest bookmaker in the Only in this way will you learn about Mary’s handwriting. Now go Exit Now go to But not everything is so simple: there are no master Next, select through the Go to Jake and ask for can be found on the sink with dirty dishes, the fourth under the portrait of You can call the club or You will find four stickers. It’s time corpse. Go down the screen and you will find the third part of the poster (3/100) on the balcony of the building on the left. Use the indicated keys to zoom in and out of the area displayed while moving the onscreen cursour around to look for hotspots that will trigger Blacksad's three senses. Also, You will learn that four people attended the club. When viewing a photograph of an ex-wife, decide to forget her. So far this is not enough. Fortunately, as of February 2020 the publisher still remains committed to updating the game to address these outstanding issues. bubbles with the pills. is boxing (left), part of the poster
Make decisions on behalf of Blacksad and influence the outcome of the case. Examine the goat, and then ask a question about the expander and the can of paint.
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