Spritmonitor.de . Replaced transmission made the vehicle vibrate when slowing down. Car was in RWD mode wit no traction or stability control, Trans cooling thermostat failed causing coolant expansion tank to rupture - replaced hoses, trans cooling thermostat and coolant tank - new antifreeze. Over sixty percent of users polled on this website. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself with this post. Thank a lot Jonnyvest. I am glad this thread is still active. 2004 BMW X3 transmission problems with 8 complaints from X3 owners. By reading your post, I knew more than most mechanics here who always advise well off people to by new BMW actuator when they see the symptoms. Also, the only reason I can think of that the entire actuator might need replacing is that the motor has failed, or it just does not function any more. The lights still had not come back on, however the clicking sound was still there when shutting off the vehicle. So they're probably estimating that for the part plus 2 hours labor (assuming about $100/hr). condition of my car is much better. johnnyvest (author) from Salt Lake City on October 15, 2014: Thanks for the comment @Jean-Jacques, I'm glad this information was helpful to you. on the transmission was failing, causing the X3 to be undrive-able BMW X1 - 2012. Thanks again Johnnyvest. This is the second replacement diff for the same reason. Once the transfer case was lowered, I was able to access and remove all the bolts. Back in the garage now they think it's the transfer box. BEST REGARDS FROM PORTUGAL ! johnnyvest (author) from Salt Lake City on June 13, 2015: @Greg Dockstader: The lights should go off on their own, at least they did in both cars that I have done this procedure for. My question is what's gonna happen if it goes totally out on trip. This is straight out of the motor, bright green lubricant appears to have never been used/worn by the worm gear. A few weeks ago the car developed a 'knocking noise' when slowing down to stop and then moving off again, eg when in heavy stop/start traffic. Actuator and slipping/hesitation on June 21, 2016: I did gears months ago. Anyway I will just rotate the gear 180 degrees and see if it solves the problem , at least until I find a new gear. Is there someone who is having same problem? Since then the lights continue their intermittent glow - 4x4 regularly, the other two rarely. Since the first writing of this article, replacement gears have actually gone from $100 down to $20 or less! It doesn't do it all the time only seems if you go on a long journey it the starts to do it can anybody help thanks. After replacing transfer case do i have to get it reprogram. I would like to add that I never heard the "clicking" sound, I only had the light trifecta. The rear differential is bad. Just found out that I need transfer case repair. I found a new transfer case motor for 350 and decided I'll just replace the whole. Owner realized that this slight vibration is simply native to type of vehicle. tell the customer it is their fault and they don't know how to drive a BMW. johnnyvest (author) from Salt Lake City on September 06, 2016: Hi @Ben77059, on the 2 jobs that I have done I do remember it being very tight to get to those upper bolts. I have a 2006 BMW X3 with 76,000 miles on the clock bought last year secondhand from a small local dealer. I think it may be the tyres caused my problem. I use the 18 inch dunlop D4 winter tires and the Pirelli P Zero Rosso summer tires on 19's. To see how frequently BMW X3 problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Very helpful ! That's what it sounds like when the gear is in working order ... when stripped that is what made the loud clicking sound (the guy in the video has audio of that). johnnyvest (author) from Salt Lake City on December 14, 2014: Hello @B Paul ... it's difficult to say how safe the car is to drive. The car was back to normal. All lights 4x4 including ABS came on and stayed on 2 days ago. JavaScript is disabled. If you are having problems and your dealer hasn't been able to fix them, call BMW NA customer service. i replace the part and the light still on what can i do next. Very happy to say the problem has gone and the gears smooth no clicking ticking nothing. The dealership wanted almost $4000 to replace the whole transfer case. I assume is the same thing. Interestingly dealer refused to take my suggestion to replace the transfer case instead claiming that the fluid is for life. If you have both of these symptoms then the culprit is very likely to be a stripped gear inside the transfer case motor. I loosened the support cross bar like it the video and pulled it down a bit (gently, it doesn't have to come down too much) and that does provide enough room to get in there. Warranty paid for all but $300 Drive shaft was cracked during the transmission repair. However this is a real problem. Often these pumps begin leaking and must be replaced. They couldn't tell how long the temporary fix would last without replacing the differential and $2200 bucks. If yes, how to solve? Just replaced the gear. I'm not 100% sure there is any long term way to prevent this gear from wearing out as it really looks to be a design flaw in the part (ie: composite "plastic" gear contacting a metal worm screw). Get a MT since none of them seem to have this issue. Once I put the motor back on the drive I can't freely turn or rotate the white gear. It makes me feel really good that my mechanic has my interest at heart. Sources of engine rough idle problems and related symptoms for a faster diagnosis and repair. That includes removal, dismantling the motor and replacing the gear, and re-installing. My car had the problem at 106,000 km and you can imagine if you add shipping and duties on a $1500 spare part. Still waiting to hear. The quote is $2700. Couldn't find a problem. The lights did not turn off. Are you saying if I had not supported the transfer case with a jack (another online video says to do this), the case would have come down a little so the end of the torx nut would have been below the frame of the vehicle? Or, maybe it will just make you pull more hair out because it doesn’t help you at all. I have a same problem as you describe, the brake light is red, AWD ABS EBV 4x4 are all yellow. I have driven it for 4 years. This has been happening on and off for 6-8 months. An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. Took car to dealer and was told of a valve leaking oil and broken actuator. my car model is 2008 X5 93210 miles. My experience with having done 2 of these is that the lights went out shortly after and did not come back on. My situation: 2008 E83 X3 80k miles. Otherwise you will do this repair often! Money well spent since car feels new again. Repaired rear axle because sure caused abs ring to swell and break abs sensor. tell the customer it is the gas they use. 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