The Boerboel [ˈbuːrbul], is a large, mastiff-type dog from South Africa with a black mask and a short coat. Without a particular stem cell, the white dog’s body isn’t able to make a special layer of hearing cells. The Argentine Dogo can live to be between 10 and 12 years of age if he is looked after well, however about 10% of Argentine Dogos suffer from pigment-related deafness in one or both ears. A dog can lose it’s hearing because of an ear infection. These dogs are now exported from South Africa to other parts of the world. These dogs were often the first line of defense against predators and were valuable in tracking and holding down wounded game. Boerboels need a bath only occasionally. The Boerboel is both clever and smart and is capable of learning many useful tricks. At the May 2010 board meeting the Boerboel was approved to compete in the Miscellaneous Class, effective January 1, 2011. In motion, the Boerboel just might be the most agile of all mastiff types. With genes …

When not on guard, they make wonderful pets. He is similar looking to the Boxer dog, just heavier and bigger. When raised and trained correctly, they make awesome, devoted companions, even around children and other pets. The breed often enjoys participating in obedience, rally, weight pull, and agility competitions, as well as protection sports and stock work. Historically the Boerboel developed as a general farm dog for the pioneers who settled in South Africa since the seventeenth century. A boerboel's behavior and comportment may change over time.

It should be blocky, broad, deep, square and muscular, with well filled cheeks and in proportion to the body.

Left unattended, your pet can battle with tooth decay and gum disease. There’s a no-frills, no-nonsense quality to this sleek-coated avenger, who might stand as high as 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh as much as you do. The loin is strong and muscular, and only slightly narrower than the ribcage and rump.

Grooming your dog like this gives you a good chance to also check your pet for fleas and ticks and to ensure the skin is free from infection or dryness. The strong, athletic Boerboel needs daily exercise, such as long walks on a leash or play sessions in a securely fenced area with his owner.

The stifle should be sound, strong and moderately angulated and in balance with the forequarters, to support the powerful propulsion from the hindquarters during movement. The Boerboel, is a large, mastiff-type dog breed from South Africa that is bred for the purpose of guarding the homestead and working the farm. [3], The name Boerboel derives from the Afrikaans words boer which means farmer, and "boel" which is a shortening of "boelhond" which means bulldog.

[21], In 2011, Russia designated the Boerboel an "especially dangerous breed," subject to mandatory registration and certification. He stands at about 60 – 68cm and weighs about 35 – 45kg. Boerboels must be with their people and will not thrive unless kept as an integral part of their human family.

The Boerboel is typically a healthy breed, and a responsible breeder will screen breeding stock for health conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia, heart disease, and two disorders that affect the eyelids: ectropion and entropion.

A number of breeds were mixed to achieve the desired characteristics in the Argentine Dogo breed. Reality is that boerboels, much larger and more aggressive than the native mutts kept by the indigenous black majority, were used chiefly to help Afrikaaners maintain political and cultural dominance.

The front feet point straight forward, are large, round, strongly boned and compact. [3] It is not unusual for this breed to display aggression toward other dogs or strangers. Bred also to be a strong guard dog, the Boerboel is a mix of different African and European breeds, which in all likelihood, will include the Bullmastiff, the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Bulldog. A Boerboel can be both a capable working dog and a loyal companion.

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