Read more about: Hot cans and mid-autumn sowing. It comes with heavy-duty rubber seals between frame and glazing, as well as silicone caulk around the vents. Finally, depending on the size of the greenhouse this solution might not be feasible. Greenhouse foundations are sometimes overlooked when discussing insulation. Make sure you have plenty of fixing accessories, too. This action is caused by the thermal insulation foil design with two layers of silver foil wrapped around a bubble plastic material. Full insulation reduces the amount of light coming into the greenhouse, increases humidity which can cause disease problems, the air is relatively humid and you have to cut holes for the ventilators, too . If you live in an area where winters are usually mild, it is worth taking a gamble of not insulating at all, though there is always a possibility of a cold winter like the one we experienced last year so listen to the weather forecast and have the heater and protective layers on standby. Glass vs Polycarbonate Greenhouse – Which Glazing is Better?
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