Your gross vehicle weight is at maximum capacity; commonly 80,000 pounds. Jewelry – Lights on a rig.

A stationary or immobile radio (typically a CB radio or ham radio). Another term for “supertrucker”; one who brags about himself, or his big, fast, shiny truck. Seatcover – Attractive female occupant in a car When there’s an accident, and no one’s around, it’s a trucker who’ll stop to help. However, these words may sound gibberish when you Someone that will help load/unload trailers typically wanting cash in return. Note, many are similar to, however aren't necessarily the same to what local law enforcement may use. These words and phrases are created for concise and clear communication Dusted my britches -Passed me, Ears- Receiver / Radio Kojak – Cop

Things can change over time - we've heard that it could also mean you are referring to them as a homosexual. Listening to a radio without saying anything. For the most part, truckers are courteous and careful. I’d like to thank the truckers in CB Lingo in an article I read on Facebook about them keeping our country going through the Covid19 virus. Bear Cage- Police station or jail Here is a complete list of all CB Radio 10 codes / CB Radio Lingo: By the phrase “What’s your 20” generally means “What is your location? The Sticker Patch – Phoenix, Arizona (a reference to the cacti in the area).

%PDF-1.3 A flexible support holding the electrical connections to the tractor catwalk. If you want to get anywhere on CB, you have to be prepared to talk trucker talk, and that can mean learning a lot of rules of conduct. transport or vehicle is in an emergency or about to go down. Refers to a female law enforcement officer.

familiar to both users and non-users because you can hear them often in popular If you enjoy what we do and want to help us move away from relying on ads, you can make a contribution. Also considered a dry van. #4 Use call signs. Before we dive in, let’s have a little fun with CB lingo! “Alpha 10-77. A truck that is between two other trucks. 10-10  Transmission Completed, Standing By. They watch out for each other, and they help everybody.

US FCC regulations say that they have to give other people opportunities to use the CB channel if they're going to use it more than several minutes. Please repeat your transmission. or “Identify of your position”. Nobody wants to stop at the weigh station- that is why "OPEN" is considered a four-letter word in the trucking industry.

Haircut palace – Bridge or overpass with low clearance Used when a presenter has finished talking segue into a track.

Not anymore, as this calling someone a homosexual. A driver often selects his own handle, one that he feels reflects his personality or describes his way of driving. We used to listen to CB talk. The CB radio code is a short way of communicating. Everybody must be walking the dog and there’s Tennessee Valley Indians. And not everyone knows or uses 10-codes, so be prepared for some people to not understand you. These aircraft can be used for traffic control and other things such as checking speed radar. Coke stop- Restroom “You’ve gotta brake check ahead of you, eastbound”.

The road maintenance vehicles that dump salt or sand on the highways in the winter. If you want to get anywhere on CB, you have to be prepared to talk trucker talk, and that can mean learning a lot of rules of conduct. An escape ramp using sand to slow down vehicles. Just try to do it right in the future. Christmas Card- Speeding ticket

Sometimes called just a “gator”. query if the person speaking is being understood or heard. Walkie talkie phrases and lingo are the Sometimes used when you couldn’t hear the last transmission, “comeback, I didn’t hear you”. Take into account other people's points of view. My favorite pass time was listening to trucker’s CB talk. message to signify that the person is finished speaking. Highest gear or top gear of the vehicle transmission. If you break on an open (unused) CB channel, you don't have to be as brief. Bear Cave -Police station or barracks Since 1958, CB radios have served as an important means of communication for truck drivers and a great hobby for electronics fans. CB is a vibrant community with more than a century of rich history. Keep the wheels spinning – Drive safely. This will All this popularity actually helped bring about its own demise. The FCC encourages the use of CB handles. The term was One foot on the floor, one hanging out the door, and she just won’t do no more – Full speed. Chicken Coup is Clean -Weigh station is closed. The most important rule of conduct when using a CB radio is don’t take up more airtime than you have to on a crowded channel. Learning CB lingo and radio code is a critical first step to effective communication. Its original is 10-20 that is used by United States law enforcement to encode their radio transmission. ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service): ARES is a public-service organization of the ARRL. The weigh station is open, and they’re weighing trucks, probably in a quick fashion. Hole in the wall = Tunnel Pig Pen = hog trailer Loop = Bypass around major cities Cop Shop = Police headquarters Pigtail = Electrical connection between truck and trailer Clown Car = Load of day laborers carpooling Shaky Town = Los Angeles Thermo King = Refrigeration unit on a trailer Thick as bugs on a bumper = a lot Check my eyelids for cracks = Going to sleep Giving my pillow some head = Sleeping Jimmy = GMC truck air ride = suspension on the truck or on the seats Box seat = non air ride seat Condo = truck with double bunk over and under beds. When you tell another driver from your company to go to the designated company CB channel.

But it is worthless if you don’t understand what the 10-4 means. Sometimes it is difficult to read the sign from a distance, however, "CLOSED" is a bigger/longer word. Refers to California Highway 152, known for it’s abundance of accidents. The ARRL Handbook and the ARRL operating guides have more complete listings of those used for amateur radio. Refers to a Consolidated Freightways truck. You might be called "driver" if other drivers do not know your CB handle. If the CB channel isn't busy, it's your choice. can also mean affirmative, 10-9 – used when you want the other line to

Because of their international origin, Q codes may be more accepted outside English-speaking countries than 10-codes are. Be anything but an architect" - Kurt Vonnegut. The electrical connection from the tractor to the trailer.

walkie talkies, too, and the models are all similar. Some drivers refer to their trailer as a wagon. A big, fancy truck; a large, conventional tractor with a lot of lights and chrome. Ten-codes allow the radio transmission to be concise and standarized. The following is an abbreviated list of Q codes borrowed from amateur radio: The following is from a list of Q codes used by the X-Ray Club (a sideband-users club headquartered in Paradise, California): Q codes may be used to ask questions (QTH?) CB 10-codes and Q-codes give you the power to say a lot in the limited space available. You can tell the person you were listening to, "10-9, you were stepped on", or you can find out what the breaker wants, "Go ahead break", before returning to your original conversation.

10-20  My Location is ……… or What’s your Location? %��������� Back off the hammer -Slow down Peddle to the metal! "It's already in my back pocket.". Also requesting to write a post on some top quality CB apps. 2 0 obj Extra lights a trucker has on his truck and trailer. Free Ride – Prostitute

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