�v�J�s�D~PyA�n{�}"���DE�������mM�2������k�Q�x��~�vL>w�a�f���:�jR�*���վ�j��&p��[�b앳8���G,�W�1�6�'JJ�]9�&� *V����,\�g�����L�=SO�B�z|?��F�y��/w��U��f9X0z��^8��5�3~��&G�,i�Z����T�����$N�۠�a!�'���Ed��0F���=�&I�Z���E����d��>H� T�Z��")ץ�����g�k��7�.ie>J�����iN ��8/6L��y�\j%K�f�$�-�����2:�H�A4,Wv26^����F�qֺ���mXl��z�=�L�O_�[�r�h���#+t~�?� For periods 5 and onward, enter the number of eligible employees that you had on your payroll during the period, who were on leave with pay, covered by this claim. If you are completing the application as a representative of an employer, you are required to have the owner (or person who is financially responsible) complete and sign an attestation form. ����Ġ�Sj)�)Cb�p,}r]#ot���^^��$^"�J��{����x��_l�(�Ƨ������}���I}��'��g�c�����DI���a4��a��ć-R�k!�akO/�+���~H�� ��J� ~�eY��k�E����%Q=�Y���l�����ip8Ζ��s�7��{�Z"�\k�����AO�U�"�>��]_hٿ�ܦ6�@�}5gC�[�r�"]�XK���5F���� A joint election, along with each other member of the affiliated group, under paragraph 125.7(4)(b) of the Income Tax Act (revenue determined on a consolidated basis for the employer's group). These are the claim periods for which you can currently submit an application. An election under clause (b)(ii)(A) of the definition "prior reference period" in subsection 125.7(1) of the Income Tax Act (prior reference period claim periods 1 to 4). A calculator has been updated for periods 5 and onwards. Generally, if the difference is $2 or less, you will not receive a refund. Signature. First, they need to make sure that they have obtained the Attestation for owner/managers and/or senior employees: This form must be completed and signed by the individual who has principal responsibility of the financial activities of the eligible entity (the employer). Enter the percentage that your revenue dropped for the period of this claim compared to the applicable reference period in the box provided. For best results, download and open this form in Adobe Reader. �� Enter your payroll account number and two-letter code for the type of program. Enter the total amount received under the Work-Sharing program by your eligible employees during the period covered by this claim in the box for line G. On an administrative basis, we will accept a reasonable estimate of work sharing benefits received by your eligible employees if you do not have the exact amount. You are required to keep books and records demonstrating the reduction in revenue and remuneration paid to employees. Attestation is the act of signing of a formal document to confirm that you are bound by its contents. Employers will also need to sign an attestation form that confirms their eligibility for the CEWS, including the fact that their qualifying revenue has declined by the required amount (s). Make sure you meet the conditions in the "Before you start" section to submit an adjustment. The CEWS program rules in the Income Tax Act apply to determine the amount of CEWS entitlement. Enter your subsidy rate used for active employees on Line c3. RC661 Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Attestation. You can view this form in: PDF rc661-20e.pdf; PDF fillable/saveable rc661-fill-20e.pdf; Last update: 2020-08-11. The current version of the RC661 CEWS attestation form contains a confirmation that the election has been made, but the form does not, by itself, seem to constitute an election. Once you are in the online application, enter the details of your claim information. Title. You must have an amended attestation form on file for any changes you submit. calculating your eligible revenue reduction, Read more about how to access the CEWS application, payer of other amounts related to employment, Frequently asked questions - Canada emergency wage subsidy (CEWS), employees that meet the eligibility criteria regarding receiving pay during the qualifying period, How the revenue drop and subsidy rate are calculated, Attestation for owner/managers and/or senior employees (comptroller/VP Finance/CFO) of an eligible employer applying for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, call CRA's business enquiries phone number. Choose "yes" if you (and all required participants in the election) have made any of these elections or choices (referred to below as 'elections') under subsections 125.7(1) or 125.7(4) of the CEWS program rules: If you have not made any of these elections, choose "no". Depending on whether you are applying for periods 1 to 4 or period 5 or later, the lines on the application form will vary in order to collect the information required to apply the correct program rules. This includes a confirmation that the attestation will be provided upon request and without delay in prescribed form and manner, and that failure to do so could result in the application of penalties or the reassessment of the claim to deny benefits. On Line c2, enter your average revenue drop for the previous three months. Select "Yes", if you did retroactively rehire one or more employees during the period covered by this claim. Enter the amount you calculated for the 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employers  for the same period. Enter the number of eligible employees you had on your payroll during the period covered by this claim in the box for line A. A copy of the attestation can be found here. 1.877.438.2057info@videotax.com©2017 Video Tax NewsAll rights reserved. If you have more than one payroll account number ("RP" number) you will need to do a separate application for each number. You Are My Moon And Stars Quote Game Of Thrones, Louise Gorsuch Age, Mx5 Na Parts, Sambo Gujarati Food In English, Sheridan Forbes Age, Dragon House Menu Wildwood, Sunbelt Rentals Login, Solid Red Select Angelfish, Dollar Tree Mini Loaf Pans, Related posts:The 12 Minute Affiliate System ReviewEl Bandito ReviewYou May Also Like  El Bandito Review" />