(Santa Cruz, CA). You can see cosmic bulls at Aloha Grove or at Rics Aloha Classics, Mookie and others - Thanks for the feedback. Beautiful abstract 9’8 CJ Nelson model single fin surfboard. I could surf virtually any conditions with this board and i really enjoyed it on bigger days. It's got to be a good epoxy board.". Well I have to say Pearson makes some killer boards and so does infinity. Thanks for taking the time for this reply I really appreciate it. Santa Cruz is a hotbed for hardcore shapers and surfers. "Most people who rode them were those who thought it looked cool to drive around with a surfboard on top of their car, but never got wet," said Mr. Moore, the owner and shaper of Mystic surfboards. Boards are super light and durable. The first thing I noticed about this board was how domed the deck was which basically decreased the overall volume considerably. JOSH MOHR PEARSON ARROW - The Josh Mohr model is very high performance. I'd definitely go talk to him if you're in the market for a new board. He is a great glasser and just moved back here from Cali. I haven't seen anything rescent from him but whenever I saw a board from him it was killer. Thanks, John, Email me privately and I can give you Fly's. Thanks for signing up, your will get your first copy of the SurfScience.com newsletters at the beginning of next month. Great maneuverability, noseriding and wave entry. Once you got the board moving it seemed to glide pretty well into waves probably due to its flatter rocker but this board was definitely made for solid surf. Lay it down hard & low bottom turns & then smash lip. However for the conditions that we have in Jersey going with the local shaper might not be a bad idea. As for other shapers, I've been super happy with Vernor boards. He makes Cosmic Bull boards. Al Merrick, whose company, Channel Islands, sold 20,000 boards in 2005, estimates that 20 percent of his orders for custom boards are now for epoxy, a twentyfold increase since Clark's closing. if you want a big log for surfing waist high days, they'll have options for you but i don't feel it's their specialty. Your Review. It's pretty easy to find some generally off putting people in the surf industry, but John is about as far from that as they come. EPS foam, which has become a substitute core in epoxy-finished boards, is plentiful and not as heavy to haul around. "Six months ago, no one asked for epoxy," Mr. Pearson said. Great maneuverability, noseriding and wave entry. In a letter faxed to his customers, Mr. Clark said he was succumbing to pressure from state, local and federal environmental officials, which he asserted had targeted him because of his use of a toxin called toluene diisocyanate. I would just go on craigslist and look around. "So they got a bad reputation. This thing is incredible in 3'-5' glass/semi glass Summertime surf. "We're going to see more and more epoxy," said Mr. Pearson, the Arrow shaper. Thanks for signing up, your will get your first copy of the SurfScience.com newsletters at the beginning of next month. In recent years, the most talented shapers have figured out how to work with different thicknesses and densities of EPS foam and to modify their design to compensate for the lighter material. Pearson Arrow 9’8 CJ Nelson model surfboard. Though it will look like a traditional board, it won't be one. Officials have since said that Clark Foam was in full compliance when it went out of business, leaving customers mystified as to what led to the company's demise. It’s for the surfer that wants to do everything on a wave. They got a decent selection. $1,229.00. Not everyone is as enthusiastic, because of disadvantages, including a higher price: epoxy boards are often an extra $50 to $150 because their materials cost more. Dimensions were 9’0 x 22.5″ x 2.88″. He advised not exceeding this length. I brought them a fin that had their logo printed on it and said, "What about this?" Plus any feedback on other santa cruz local shapers would be appreciated. I've never ridden any of his boards personally, but have had many interactions with him in his shop. Theres 2 guys who shape "Quality" longboard well actually 3 now that I think as I am typing. Select the newsletter(s) to which you want to subscribe or unsubscribe. And yet, Anthony Tashnick, a 20-year-old from Santa Cruz, made a convincing argument for epoxy by winning the 2005 Mavericks big-wave surf competition on an innovative 9-foot-4 four-fin epoxy board. you can see Flys at Wavejammer along with Pearsons. Paddling was somewhat difficult and unless you’re a champion paddler or small framed surfer, this board will probably not float you very well. Out of stock. (Numerous efforts to reach Mr. Clark were unsuccessful. Even experts disagree about whether surfers should buy an epoxy-finished board or stick with a conventional one. Comments? He just made a 9'2 I believe with a step deck and a flex tail I think it was. JOSH MOHR PEARSON ARROW - The Josh Mohr model is very high performance. ward coffey comes up a lot as a top shaper in santa cruz. Manufacturer Description Sign up for the SurfScience.com Newsletter and receive your free electronic copy of the guide: This guide was written with help by surf coaches who have trained professional surers on the WQS & WCT. William Riedel says he has sold more of his epoxy boards since Black Monday, when the leading maker of classic foam cores shut down. There are no reviews yet. "I thought they were kiddie toys," said Mr. Swinton, who surfs San Francisco's Ocean Beach. If you want a 'classic' longboard maybe talk to Michel Junod. Not sure whether I should go custom. I've seen some fair shapes from him. I going from an 8 foot soft so I'm not sure if I have enough knowledge on board design and what I may like, The Arrow graphic is so ugly! "Try that on epoxy," he said. "Now there's a conversation, with people asking, 'What are the pros and cons?' I managed a few noserides courtesy of its blunt nose and this board felt really good down the line. Posted by Diaz at 11:49 AM. if you wanna take your longboard out in some juicy overhead days, they make boards perfect for that. Similar to my own, it was a joy to ride and handled really well. Well I have to say Pearson makes some killer boards and so does infinity. He can do polyester or Epoxy as well. Makes sick boards, and since his own business is pretty new I think he's open to all kinds of customers. Not a whole lot of foam but what can you expect for a performance longboard? Me, I'd rec 3 inches thick or slightly less for what you have in mind. Ninety percent of the foam cores, or blanks, came from a company in Southern California called Clark Foam, whose owner, Grubby Clark, shocked the industry when he abruptly closed his doors last Dec. 5 — the Black Monday, also known as Blank Monday, referred to by Mr. Moore. Superblue foam, 6oz glass, and a 2+1 fin setups are the call for a more performance board, and I would go as short as you possibly can, especially since wave-catching tends to be easier than on mushy waves. "What changed overnight is that these days just about every one of the world's top surfers has epoxy in his quiver," Mr. Merrick said. i got my 9' longboard at norcal surf shop in pacifica, shaped by shaun rhodes. They have incorporated extreme speed, maneuverability and noseriding into this surfboard design. If you want a custom shape for Jersey try the local talent cause they are really skilled and underrated in my thoughts. 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