I wanted a power supply to use on my desk with a breadboard for electronics- based projects.

If you only have three red wires, another wire (sometimes pink) must be connected to them. I consider working on that to i order to power the usb port. I chose a very simple method of building the final product, I suspect that you can come up with something far more exciting but this design gets the job done. Your videos have been a great learning resource. The other two pins are GND, and both should be connected. Today, we're going to strip the PSU to its bare essentials, then add some helpful sockets onto the case that we can plug projects into. ( How do you wire them ???) Does someone know the max Amp avaible in this combinaison??

Also because I do not know how you wired these three nobs ( on top ) how do I know which voltage is producing… Read more ». You should observe the Standby LED is now illuminated.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately you can not just have the wires left open, luckily both of these issues are easily fixed. I think the -12 +12 can cause some issues with sensible electronics. It's been a learning experience, and mistakes were made: you should learn from them.

I’m a systems administrator by trade and getting into the hobby of tinkering with small electronics.

Be sure to check the label. One thing to look out for is that the meter uses a shunt in the ground connection to measure current. 7.

Sorry for the misnomer..but you knew what I meant.

If your supply doesn’t require a 5-volt load on startup you can eliminate this. Illuminated SPST switches should have 3 terminals: one will be indicated either by a different colour or labelled and GND. Thanks!

I’d like to use an illuminated toggle switch for the power, but can’t figure out to wire it.

Some units also have voltage sense wires that also need to be connected. Is my power supply ok for this project?

This is unlike a regular power switch, would would actually cut the power coming from the source. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 2,433,740 times. This was the most useful piece of equipment since i've had it done. Green = PS_ON# (turn DC on by shorting to ground).

I have learnt much since. Older ATX supplies (like the one I’m using) have a -5-volt output as well as a-12-volt one, newer (24-pin) Type 2 models only have the -12-volt output.

Lab bench power supplies are very cost-prohibitive, but luckily power supplies for … Ensure that you discharge the capacitors. You can take advantage of the hole left by the power supply cabling, to install a cigarette lighter connector.

The resulting power supply will provide high output power. They are cheap and available from eBay or Amazon.
It might happen you create an electric arc at the low voltage outputs or fry the circuit you are working on, if you make any mistake. ground) have been repeated, this is done to increase the current carrying capability.

Great video and explanations. Thanks a lot for the instructions, I’ve done my one.
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