. Try disabling the autoproxy configuration by passing "-Djavafx.autoproxy.disable=true" to see if it helps. There should be one and only Java Plugin on the list. Run the native launcher from the console window to see trace messages and so on. If you need to disable the automatic proxy configuration in the application, specify a JavaFX-Feature-Proxy manifest entry in the fx:jar with the None as a value as in the following example. The alert would be changed to different alert types when required. When set to true, the Stage will attempt to enter full-screen mode when visible. In Java Control Panel, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click Settings, then click Delete Files. Any thoughts on what's wrong? You need to call primaryStage.show(); in the start(Stage primaryStage) method. Consult the documentation on your profiler for exact values to pass. General subreddit for helping with **Java** code. If your application starts slow, then it could be due to network configuration. In this article, we show how to create a pop up window in JavaFX. If possible, share a test case to reproduce the problem. this guide for a full description of invocation options. A pop up window functions pretty much just like an alert box. Copyright © 2008, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. Once you enter the JavaFX-Feature-Proxy manifest, the network stack will not be initialized prior to application code gets executed and you can set socks properties in the code. Set the environment variable JAVAFX_ANT_DEBUG to true to get additional details and keep intermediate build artifacts. is a technical writer in the JavaFX group. We would create a label to show if the button is pressed or not. In order to bundle it as .exe I wanted to use artifacts. For JavaFX 2.2 and Java 7 update 6 the correct plugin is version 10.6.*. And everything works fine, except for the window. Check the release notes for known issues. browser content or 3D applications / games) are no longer drawn (you cannot see the application)'. PopupWindow is the parent for a variety of different types of popup based windows including Popup and Tooltip and ContextMenu. Ensure it comes from correct place. The JavaFX MenuBar is represented by the class javafx.scene.control.MenuBar.Here is an example screenshot of what a JavaFX MenuBar can look like: . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That means: When I execute the .exe file, my code starts running and it is doing its thing. "Say 'Hello World'" onAction= Hi, I am developing a plugin that launches a JavaFX application in which there is an SwingNode object. * is defined in JavaFX 1.3 API but not in JavaFX 1.2 API, which is the current javafx platform I'm using. But when it is done with preprocessing, it does not show the window. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But when I hit run, the window doesn't show up. See Section 6.4, "Installable Packages.". I'm currently trying to build a JavaFX application. "HelloWorldFX" stylesheets ="/fxPackage/NewFile.css" xmlns:fx="http://javafx.com/fxml alignment = "center" hgap = "10" vgap = "10">