Huge actually. He is also known for his roles as Sergeant Albrecht in The Crow and Warden Leo Glynn in Oz brought him additional fame. He is also the only known member of the Slime Busters. As a child growing up in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Ernie Hudson wrote short stories, poems and songs, always thinking that his words might one day come to life on stage.

Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. (On getting into acting) I grew up in a very poor family. It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the overall size of his wealth is as much as $15 million, as of the data given in the middle of 2016.

He was dating his girlfriend Linda Kingsberg before the couple decided to get married and live happily as husband and wife.

It's amazing that it could happen.

As an action star, it just didn't seem to fit him.

I really don't understand, but these things have a way of going around the world, so I think that's pretty cool. Oliver Hudson, 43. Admits that two of his heroes growing up were, Auditioned to reprise his Winston Zeddemore role from, Has been a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in the San Bernardino County (California) Sheriff's office for 14 years (as of 2003). Uncertain as to where the Slime Ghost was hiding, Ernie opts to check out the furnace, which is spewing an unusual amount of steam, but Mario shows Ernie to the back room. So if I’m doing that, I know I’m pleasing my mother. (2012) Congo was my film. Jennifer Hudson may have grown up in a relatively small brood, but according to the 38-year-old singer and actress, she actually comes from a pretty large family.Huge actually. I'm proud of that character, and I think he represented the best of everything I could possibly be. @valariepettiford @bet #thefamilybusiness, A post shared by Ernie Hudson (@ernie_hudson) on Jan 29, 2019 at 1:01pm PST. A friend of mine [Badja Djola] portrayed the first Half Dead, and there were some problems. To begin with, Hudson grew up in Benton Harbor; he never knew his father, and his mother died from tuberculosis just two months after his birth, so the boy was raised by his grandmother from his mother’s side. Ernie drives to Mario Brothers Plumbing in the Slime Busters' van and gets there just after a Slime Ghost pulls Luigi into the back room. It was just so much fun, and it's probably my favorite character of all. Concerning his professional career, the roles which made him famous were as Winston Zeddemore in the films “Ghostbusters” (1984) and the sequeal “Ghostbusters II” (1989), although he lost this role in an audition for the animated series “The Real Ghostbusters on Arsenio Hall” (1986 – 1992). (2012, on Oz) Oz was a great experience. Ernie shoots Luigi, who tries to deflect the shot with a pizza pan and succeeds in turning him back to normal. We moved around; I'm still hanging on-I didn't get fired!-but then we got about halfway through it, and they said, "We ran out of money." Overall, all the above mentioned roles have significantly increased the net worth of Hudson. (2012, on The Hand That Rocks The Cradle) That was very challenging as an actor, and I felt responsibility not to tell that story and that character badly, because I felt it represented a lot of people.

And I think I did it primarily because of the birth of my older son, and realizing that things that I wanted to ask of him that I couldn't ask if I didn't absolutely try myself., AOF/WAB Award - Outstanding Cast Performance (2011), Golden Satellite Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama (1999), United States Marine Corps, Wayne State University, Yale School of Drama, Jeannie Moore (m. 1963–76), Linda Kingsberg (m. 1985), Ernie Hudson, Jr., Rahaman Hudson, Ross Hudson, Andrew Hudson, Golden Satellite Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama (1999), Career Achievement Award (2006), Universe Reader's Choice Award (1995), AOF/WAB Award - Outstanding Cast Performance (2011), BTVA Television Voice Acting Award (2014, 2013), Black Reel Awards, NAMIC Vision Award (2007), OFTA Television Awards, “Leadbelly” (1976), “Turning Point” (2012), “You’re Not You” (2014), “God's Not Dead 2” (2016), "California Girls" (1985), "Angel Street" (1992), "Clover" (1997), "Final Approach" (2007), “Dragonball Evolution” (2009), The Wrong Guys (1988), Ghostbusters II (1989), Ghostbusters (2016), Sugar Hill (1992), Speechless (1994), The Basketball Diaries (1995), Game of Death (2010), The Incredible Hulk (1979), King (1978).

For the fast money round, Ernie choses his two sons, Ernie Jr. and Ross, to represent and win.

Once again, it's a film that has a small following. Once I did Ghostbusters, there was the whole thing of being thought of as a comedian. Required fields are marked *. He was supposed to drive me to college, but he passed before he could. I knew Brandon [Lee] for about eight years before we did the movie, and I just loved him and considered him a good friend. Yeah, I have nothing but fond memories. All Rights Reserved. So I wanted to give it a good shot and give it my best, so I could at least say I ran a good race and you can too.

Thank you for subscribing! The Hudson family does well on the show. He also attended the University of Minnesota. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. He played a preacher, Walter Andrews who opened the eyes of a small town in the 1950s in “Stranger in the Kingdom” (1998). Despite that tragedy, Hudson told the publication she was grateful that she didn’t fall apart completely because of it. It was good.

He was there, and he was well intentioned. And it was always my dream – because I love family – to have a giant table with all my siblings. I loved making that movie, and it also allowed me to re-establish myself as a dramatic actor. So it was one of those productions that just had a lot of issues. It's very easy to say to a child, 'You can be whatever you want to be', but then that child in turn looks at me and says, 'But why weren't you what you wanted to be?'

D.He graduated from film school at C.W.

He is not having any extra marital affair and this means he does not have a girlfriend at this time.

He was producing that. He's a better person than I am, and I'm really glad to have had an opportunity to do that, because it's not the kind of role I've normally been asked to do. Not before or since. When they hear that pizza pan speak, Ernie and Mario cannot help but laugh. He appeared as Munro in “Congo” (1995). Ernie Hudson full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. So to live in a way that honors them is what presses you forward. He is renowned for his role as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters movie series. Some of the cast got fired. The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure, Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story, Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, Senator Douglas Wilson (as Ernie Hudson Sr.), Police Officer / Lisa's Father / Officer Chauncey, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball - Confessions of an Assassin, Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters, Horror Icon: Inside Michael's Mask with Tony Moran, Behind the Scenes of 'Pastor Brown' the Movie, Kiss and Tell: The History of Black Romance in Movie, Hub Exclusive: G.I. (On his first job and why he chose acting as a career) Well the first job I had was a janitor in a manufacturing company, and it wasn't a bad job, a lot of people would have been very happy to have it, but it wasn't what I wanted, and I think having my son made me realize it wasn't what I wanted for him. He guest-starred as himself on the television show How I Met Your Mother with Josh Radnor. It's one of my favorite films, and it's the one film that all my kids-I have four sons-think of as one of their favorite films as well. Since 1985, he has been married to his second wife Linda King Mountain, with whom he also has two sons.

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