Graphics seem appropriate for each topic and provided high resolution results when enlarged. These help students see the relevance and get them more fascinated in the subject matter. The resulting text is lengthy at 1300 pages; however, fine technical points, as discussed in the most comprehensive texts, are avoided.... In addition, there is a nice glossary with listed terms appearing at the end of each chapter. Nervous tissue: Neural tissue in the central and peripheral nervous systems. The book devotes much time to the clinical aspects of A&P providing practical relevance. The illustrations include many engaging and relevant photos. So have dental assistants. Within each section, learning outcomes have been well-utilised to provide focus and direction. Overall I am very impressed with this textbook.

The content was accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased in the presentation of materials. There are no inappropriate references to culturally sensitive issues noted in the text. In addition, there is a comprehensive table of contents and index. Faculty and students alike would greatly benefit from this method of organization when using the online modules. China Welcomed International Students to Pursue MBBS, 5 Ways to Engage Your Active Kindergartener, My Creative University Application Essays, Going on a Year Abroad in High School - Pros and Cons, Motivational Teaching - Motivated Students #2. This is important for a course like this one. Also, the open text has a bit of a clinical bent having an entire chapter on neurological exams and modules on sympathetic/ parasympathetic pharmacology and cancer/ transplantation immunology. It may be better to use the storage of calcium in the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum in skeletal and cardia muscle cells/fibers as an example. Each of the 28 chapters are well organized into sections, with each section starting with a set of goals. I started worrying that in clinical I wont remember the physiology and it has me nervous.
The authors of the book did use very visual language and so there were times when the text was very wordy. I would consider this book to have an extended lifespan of relevancy. This textbook thoroughly covers the typical topics taught in a systems-based approach to Anatomy & Physiology. As in any combined text (or class), it would be nearly impossible to provide in-depth coverage of either topic. There is not a section I feel is missing, and I am happy with the overall level of detail given in the text. I make every attempt to keep up with any new findings in the area of human biology. read more. The book is consistent in terms of formatting. It is delivered in an easily digestible manner. This text is much less distracting and confusing in my opinion than other major anatomy textbooks on the market today. Reviewed by Hui Wang, Assistant Professor, Miami University on 6/20/17, I have used part of chapters of this book for an introduction course. There are many pages that are blocks of text without pictures though, which could be a problem for some readers.

The text contains units that are divided into chapters that are further divided into sections. I had difficulty navigating such a large .pdf file. There are some core physiological concepts--mostly molecular level phenomena--that are less well developed in the text (see open commentary). Supporting images are not particularly clear in illustrating chromosome arrangement during the phases. Better than best, the Human Anatomy and Physiology Course gives you a chance to study the human body on one major base factor, NO MEDICAL TRAINING IS REQUIRED!!! Even though medical and scientific advances may lead to changes from time to time within the text, this should only be minor adjustments. The book is generally well written, in clear and simple language. Textbook prices for anatomy and physiology texts can be outrageous these days. I think. Many of the links to university and college sites were excellent and provided nice views of slides, videos, etc. There are plenty of examples that apply to all people. The search bar and the list of... This used to just work if your school had a sort of partner school somewhere else and someone was willing to swap places with you, which is why these years are often called exchange years. It is full of interactive figures, side articles and great images. For every one image in OpenStax A&P, I feel like we need about 5 more (at least). Really, if you are at all interested in the human body, this class is for you. I found it strange that, mostly, figure or table numbers are left out in the text, which makes the wording of sentences sound awkward. I believe they enter the Splenic vein. Electrolytes that have a negative electrical charge are called anions and electrolytes that have positive electrical charge are called cations. Some terminology are not specified or misused, and some sentences (for example, body temperature regulation part) are misleading.

The figures themselves are legible, but the excessive white space is a bit distracting and adds to the overall length of the document. Overall I found the book to be clearly written and accessible to an undergraduate audience. As with all texts, the authors had to make decisions to pare down the content to make for a manageable text. For example, Students should have no problem locating definitions or specific topics. The extensive inclusion of case studies and insets certainly helped focus your energy on what is most important. It makes it easier for teachers to refer to a specific figure, table, etc.

There are areas of the text where line spacing changes from single to space-and-a-half for no apparent reason. I did find it lacking in detail in a few areas, primarily in the detail of the images and figure legends. You will also get a chance to identify every body muscle and get to know how each has been adapted to suit its functionality.

19.13 shows three papillary muscles in the Right Ventricle. The textbook is extremely comprehensive for an introductory human anatomy and physiology two course sequence. I would recommend some brief coverage of genomics and RNAseq. You know what, I guess that the human body is the only working machine that run on and on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without ever getting tired. This could definitely be used as an introductory level, or combined anatomy/physiology course for lower level courses. But I have also found similar numbers and types of errors in the commercially available text. For instance, the flow of the action potential sequence explanation felt quite heavy and would benefit from some compartmentalization of events to help students break the sequence into more manageable chunks. This is a great resource for students of A & P. I think that the text is written well, but I would like to see more visuals, flow charts, diagrams, and other images that facilitate the understanding of the material to the reader, and that address different learning styles of students.

As well as the free online and PDF versions, a color print copy is available for a relatively nominal fee of $53.23. Going faster isn't always the answer. Even by rewriting your notes in different colored pens or highlighter can help your brain separate different concepts!

This may be the first physiology book that I have reviewed that takes these sensitive issues into account! Overall, this textbook covers all of the areas I would expect an A&P text to cover. No insensitive or offensive material was observed in the text.
I like how the body systems have been grouped to structure the text as it enables the reader to consider how systems work together to provide a homeostasis.
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