On his mother side, he is a descent of Periclymenus, who is the grandson of the Greek god Poseidon, making him a legacy of the … Frank est également courageux, un commandant né. Il a grandi avec sa grand-mère et sa mère, jusqu'au jour où cette dernière, militaire, décéda sur le champ de bataille,en Afghanistan.

He battles the giant , Alcyoneus and defeats him with Hazel 's help by dragging him out of Alaska where he is invincible. Nico di Angelo | Frank Zhang fait partie des personnages principaux des livres Les Héros de l'Olympe. After reuniting the Frank and the others went to the necromantium. His Camp Jupiter tattoo is composed of an image of two crossed spears above the initials SPQR and a single bar line beneath, given to him as a requirement for centurionship despite the fact that he had not been a part of Camp Jupiter for an entire year.

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