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Repeating the exercise with the working knee bent targets the deeper-lying soleus. Illustrator EPS or Photoshop PSD, tif or jpeg When you draw back on the ends of the towel, you should feel mild to moderate tension along the back of the lower leg. Your email address will not be published.

A standard sized bath towel is suitable for children and slender individuals. Yahoo fa parte del gruppo Verizon Media. Coreldraw CDR. Draw four horizontal lines on the towel to get nice stripes. Drying off after showering or sunbathing can be cumbersome as your hands are tied up trying to hold up a towel. Select a towel that is large enough to wrap completely around your body. Your design can be created on paper or digitally or using a combination of both.

Draw a horizontal line at the bottom to connect both ends. See more ideas about Towel animals, How to fold towels, Washcloth animals. If kids likes it, let them follow these steps and try it! Can they just draw on the towel?
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