The one thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the brick alignment at the seams. Think through the layout of your backplash and if there are any places where a vertical line would be hidden by fixtures or decor. Hi Jennifer! And, it doesn’t get damaged by giving it a good cleaning either! Joyful Derivatives » DIY Home Improvement. I love what you do in your homes. Before we get started on the project, let’s talk about the one thing I ALWAYS get asked about when it comes to our brick backsplash – cleaning. I would research paintable acrylic caulking. Again, I TRIED! RELATED: 15 EASY DIY HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS. Faux Brick Wall. Join us in the comment section below and share your ideas with the community. We decided to position ours in such a way that we had three seams (one on each wall and one in the corner), all in places that were easy to hide. This allows the cover plate to sit nicely on top of the brick. Thank you! Initially, I had TRIED to cut the bricks in a zig-zag pattern so that none of the bricks would be cut in half where the panels ended. For a start, you want to remove any molding or existing baseboards on the paneling. For this purpose, place a small but sufficient amount of drywall mud in a paint tray (or any other suitable container). When working with the paint roller, remember to take advantage of the quick pro tip we listed above! I had originally planned to paint or white-wash the paneling and just use it for the texture, but once I saw it installed and complete I just couldn’t bring myself to cover up the beautiful red brick! With the back of the hammer (or by using a pry bar), get rid of all the unnecessary trim. Chris measured the dimensions (including where to cut for the outlet) and then, starting from a corner on the paneling, cut it out using his skill saw for the sides and jig saw for the outlet holes. RELATED: AFFORDABLE DIY KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS THAT LOOK EXPENSIVE, I am so excited to be sharing this faux brick backsplash project with you guys! If you’re planning to paint or white-wash the brick, the seams can be pretty much anywhere without causing an issue.Simply fill the seam with caulking or spackling and paint over it! Locating the places where the trim hung before removing it is effortless and you won’t need a stud for nails. I’m trying to figure out a way to take a backsplash idea, or shiplap or wallpaper, to “disguise” my 30 year old plant shelves that used to be fashionable and now just really date my house. … How To Hide Paneling Seams. Yes, there’s the occasional splash from the sink or a pot on the stove, but for the most part it stays relatively clean on its own. Just remember that you can’t have a section of paneling wider than 4′. Won't you grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile? How to: Faux Brick Wall – Attaching Brick Paneling. Just embrace the right mindset, do some extra research if there is anything which you feel unconfident of, and take the time to complete your DIY quest patiently and precisely. Yes.
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