A new story in the Xenoblade Chronicles series The next adventure is on the Nintendo Switch console—set on the backs of colossal, living Titans. I know alot about this game pal! First of all, you said it wasn't Ni no Kuni and I hated Ni No Kuni and don't understand how that game was popular. They're an abomination, period! WolvDragon:Glad you had a better experience then I did on this ridicuolous game. One of the best RPGs of 2017 yo. First of all, contrary to the title of this article, I don’t hate Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Field Skills...oh boy, these are the most obnoxious gameplay mechanic to ever infest a game. but of course you should know what these things are and how to do them if you've finished the game :), Served from: | Version: com. It's not without flaws, sure, but I liked it a bit more than even the first. Xenoblade 2 has flaws here and there. Xenoblade 2 is a great game. Still it's ridiculous to have a level 80 monster in one of the earliest areas of the game. The music made me love an ice and snow level. Each enemy feels like they have a one million health bar, it takes like 6-7 minutes to just kill one of them, and you get such little EXP and money. The side quests, gameplay the main story, field skills etc. https://gleam.io/RGCGf/dailybits-ps5-giveaway, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cheats, Codes & Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ - Nintendo Switch. Xenoblade X gives you a semi-custom avatar, with 6 classes (depending on how you count) that you can switch between at for free at no cost, and if you max one out then you can use it's weapons and skills while in a different class. The battle system had poorly thought out controls, the monsters respawned way too soon, the story was meh, the characters were annoying (especially lamp nose), and worst of all, I've never played a game that treated you like an idiot more and thought it had to lead you along and tell you absolutely everything. Also, though not everyone will appreciate and enjoy this I very much like some of the writing and some of the heart to hearts. How about you read what I post before you slurped down that Nintendo kool-aid! I know many people balk at making a game easier, but all it does in XC2 is reduce enemy health pools while everything else stays the same. I finally decided to get the Switch because I wanted to play Xenoblade more than any other game they have for the system. So the fact that you say it wasn't Ni no Kuni scares me. I'll try to be brief as I can with why I think this game is bad.1. 2: You're kinda railroaded into a faily specific playstyle, because even though you can control characters other than the protagonist, you more or less have to play the protagonist (who uses a specific weapon and skillset) or the bosses and tougher mobs will destroy you with mechanics. What is so fun about watching your characters using auto-attacks while the only thing you do is issue commands, sometimes I just watch my characters attack without any real input.

If you wanna disagree, disagree with what I actually said. I haven't decided where I stand on XC2 yet, but I've enjoyed all the other games in the series. It's fun, campy, long, portable, and hates the fact you want to play it. This game is just plain bad in my opinion, I rarely had any kind of fun during my 80 hour playthrough of this game. I’d definitely buy another one. WolvDragon:Each enemy feels like they have a one million health bar, it takes like 6-7 minutes to just kill one of them, and you get such little EXP and money. Read some interview about the game.

You no like Tora?? in this day and age this is very bad business practice. They're not some kind of in depth game mechanic that makes the gameplay deep, it's an obnoxious fire wall that can prevent you from doing the main quest and side quests.5.

The entire game was just a giant chore. I did shut my console off after both the super anime maid tropes scenes happened, but other cutscenes feature poorly synced up audio and mouth animations. What I hate about Xenoblade 2 is that it feels like everything you do is just a chore to go through. A big mistake. The fact that you actually think you're meant to take on monsters like the level 81 Territorial Rotbart in Gormott at the beginning of the game is so hilarious and just shows how little you actually know about this game. Good for you. I like the idea of being able to send common blades that I don't have use for out on missions to level them up and get rewards from them once they're fully "grown", but tying any of the main story content or blade story content to merc missions that sometimes take forever to wait for them to complete, was just irksome.
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