The leak you are talking about is at the junction of the head and intake (the intake gasket) - and yes, if it has failed to seal at the bottom, you will see a reduction of intake manifold vacuum, and USUALLY (but not always) some intake of oil from inside the lifter galley. Often times, the coolant will have debris and dirt inside of it which will create even more problems. There seems to be no water in the oil and no white smoke form the tail pipe. Counterman Education Center: VIDEO: What Do You Call That Part? Reattach hose and tighten clamp. As we already know, the main […], So, What can cause abnormally high engine idle speeds. If the engine has been run, the vehicle needs to be towed to a professional mechanic for evaluation. Common Engine Problems – Noises, Leaks, Overheating, Fuel Problems. The car had a blown head gasket and would blow the coolant out faster than I could add it. Once you do that, figuring out the correct […].

Can Bar’s Leaks® Liquid Copper™ Intake & Radiator Stop Leak be installed in existing antifreeze? After using only 1/2 of a container of your Liquid Copper Block Seal [because disconnecting the return line to the radiator, I could only pour in that amount], the problem vanished. After coming to the conclusion that a repair would cost more than the value of the van, I decided to try the Bar's Leaks Liquid Copper. Not only that, leaky coolant will also cause air from the outside to get into the engine through the seal.

Take the carburetor cleaner and spray it where the intake manifold is attached to the engine. 3.1 and […], The thermostat is a simple valve that opens and closes in relation to engine coolant temperature. Will it work in the new extended life antifreeze? Make sure engine is cool enough so radiator cap can be safely removed. Rislone Liquid Copper Block Seal Intake/Radiator Stop Leak seals larger leaks regular stop leaks won’t. So, Having any type of intake manifold leaks can spell trouble for your engine. DiFM Professional Cooling System Treatment (J-100), Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair (1040), Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning & Leak Repair (OS-1), Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate (1630), Transmission Stop Leak Concentrate (1420). Shake well. The circulation of hot coolant through those passages would degrade the plastic, making it brittle and prone to leak. When you’re experiencing mild to moderate leaks, including intake gasket leaks and leaks related to power steering, engine oil, cooling systems, transmission and other key systems, in your car’s operation, Bar’s Leaks has the power to stop those leaks quickly, effectively and affordably. It is compatible with all types of coolant, including yellow, orange, pink, red, blue and green silicate-based and non-silicate-based (OAT/HOAT) antifreeze and/or water. View Details Rislone Pelletized Radiator Stop Leak, 325-mL (22) 4.2 out of 5 stars. “Leaks in the intake manifold are serious – if they’re not repaired, they can cause a vehicle’s engine to fail completely,” says Clay Parks, Bar’s Products vice president of development. I used the Bar’s Leaks Copper Block Seal on my 2000 Caddy STS.
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