However, she knew that Terry was a rogue and always would be, so she broke off their relationship and, despite being pregnant, set up home with Des Barnes at No.6.

“Yes,” the little old lady nodded, “that’s what I heard.””—Gerald R. Ford (b. Remember Coronation Street's Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey) through the years. The scenes made viewers happy to see Terry getting what hurt. Decent people are few and far between in soaps. After seeing Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire) collecting money in the Rovers to repair the roof of the local church, he anonymously donates over £2,000 to the fund. On 8 October 2010, Jack tells a Tyrone that he has an incurable form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and only has weeks to live, leaving Tyrone devastated. Even after discovering this is a false alarm, Jack still takes her hand in marriage. [15] Lucy Mangan writing for The Guardian reviewed the serial's theatrical piece Corrie! John Harold "Jack" Duckworth was the husband of the late Vera. Jack has been characterised through his "joyless and gloomy" life in which he has a string of dead-end jobs and his wife's death, but continued to pass witty remarks on life. [20], Jack appears in a theatrical version of the story of Coronation Street titled "Corrie!" [17] He also branded Jack's days of chasing "birds" as over and some of his greatest loves as being "booze and barmaids". [7][8][9][10] On 9 April 2010, it was announced Tarmey would leave the show. Played by After Connie leaves, Jack tells Tyrone that he is worried that she wants more than companionship. [32] 7 million viewers tuned into watch the show. Jack and Vera were blessed with another grandson, Brad, after Terry's fling with Tricia Armstrong (Tracy Brabin). However Tyrone eventually accepted her and put behind his stubbornness. [17] "Jack has settled down and matured a bit, he has accepted things with a kind of middle-aged resignation", Tarmey stated. They also commented on his pigeon keeping hobby, stating: "Forget Vera Duckworth, the one true love of Jack's life was his flock of pigeons."

In his final storyline he was portrayed as having incurable non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 3. Father He woke up to a familiar voice and saw the spirit of Vera standing in front of him, beckoning him to join her. Solumn studio chief Wally Walford explained:"The poor little chap was grabbed by the wombats, which is a very painful experience in itself. Police have not decided whether to remove the pickled gherkins from the crime scene or to leave them in when they barbecue the pigeon. On 7th November, Jack enjoyed the gathering at the Rovers for his birthday seeing his long-time friends and neighbours but could barely contain his hostility around Kevin. Whilst Jack is working a fairground ride, the waltzer, he meets Vera Burton (Liz Dawn), and they soon begin a relationship. "[26] The website has also branded him a "pigeon fancier"[13] What's on TV describe Jack stating: "Had a famously rocky marriage to Vera but widower Jack Duckworth (William Tarmey) has mellowed over the years. In April 2010, it was announced that Tarmey would leave the series later that year. 1913), “To aim to convert a man by miracles is a profanation of the soul. In 1982, whilst Vera was entertaining her own boyfriend, Jack had developed an attraction towards Bet Lynch (Julie Goodyear). Work-wise, Jack was a taxi driver for a few years before becoming cellarman at the Rovers in 1985.
Upon his return, he describes at Tyrone and Molly's wedding in January 2009 that Tyrone is the son he and Vera had always wanted.
[3], In another storyline Jack's son Terry sells his baby Tommy Duckworth (Darryl Edwards), leaving Jack and Vera devastated. Later, after seeing Tyrone and Molly happy together with baby Jack, he decides to quietly slip out of his own party saying his final words to Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and Carla Connor (Alison King) and then waving goodbye to Ken Barlow (William Roache), who raises a glass to him as he leaves. 9 to Tyrone and his girlfriend Molly Compton (Vicky Binns); though they insist that he remain as a lodger. [24] Ian Wylie of The Guardian branded Jack and Vera as "one of TV drama's most enduring – and real – double acts". I've worked with all these people for 30-odd years and it was impossible for me to act or watch the death scene and cut that off. However, when Connie turns up at the house and cryptically demands why Jack hasn't told them the real reason for his stay, he is forced to reveal the truth. Related articles. Terry causes trouble for Jack and Vera through his various relationships with women. Ring Corry quick...Jack Duckworth might DIE!!!!! The Duckworths managed three years there before being bought out by Alec Gilroy. He was imprisoned but vowed to marry her, and the pair were delighted when Terry was allowed out of prison (although handcuffed) for one day only for his wedding. In 1982, Jack had an affair with the street's prolific man-eater Bet Lynch, which she later regretted. Jack confessed to Curly Watts that he knew of the affair at the time (and put an end to it by beating up her lover unknown to Vera), but also knew that Terry was his son, as he reminded him too much of himself. Read more about Jack Duckworth:  Casting, In Other Media, Reception, “This is the ratThat ate the maltThat lay in the house that Jack built.”—Mother Goose (fl. Spouse(s)
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