, by Maggie McGee | Mar 1, 2017 | Baby Names, Celtic, Irish | 0 Comments, BLOG – Names of Irish & Celtic Descent – Boy, Girl, Pet, and Dog Names. Gaelic spelling of Michael, meaning ‘who is like God’. Feeling unending waves of grief? Name derived from a Gaelic phrase meaning ‘servant of Christ’. Variants include Flainn, Floinn, Flannan, Flannery, Flanagan, Flannagain, and Floinn. The mother-to-be will be so surprised to see each gift from each person and love it! Anglicized version of Suibhne, meaning ‘well-going’ in Gaelic. Arlene may also be a feminine form of... Add a Dash of Magic to Your Next Celebration With These Disney Cakes, All the Inspiration You Need for a Magical Minnie Mouse Party, We Can’t Get Enough of These Mickey Recipes, A Walt Disney Imagineer Shares What Inspires Her to Create Magic Every Day, Bond with Your Little One This #DisneyWeekend with a Coloring Session. Name derived from the Gaelic word for life, ‘beatha’. She has completed a B.A., B.Ed in Elementary Education and M.Ed in Curriculum Studies. English spelling of Fearchar, meaning ‘dear man’. This list is updated frequently with data we receive through our relationship with more than 1,500 U.S. hospitals, so it’s always showing the very latest in baby naming trends. Read More, An attractive ancient Irish saint's name that conjures up a beacon of light, this Irish name for boys is well-used in Ireland... Read More, This name of an ancient Irish saint -- a favorite disciple of Saint Patrick -- could be an option for parents in search of a more distinctive alternative to Brendan or Aidan. I hope this list will help you find the perfect names for your wee bairn! A surname meaning ‘from the mouth of the Roe’. The Gaelic spelling of Henry, which means ‘home ruler’. You can make all your choices from the comfort of your own couch and your guests won’t have to run around town searching for the items on your list. The Celts are the European tribes who occupied a major part of the north of the Alps during Iron age and have established in the British Isles during fourth to second centuries B.C. It's … FLANN: ruddy. From the Scottish surname, Dubhglas, which means ‘dark river’. While Allen has never entered baby-name stardom, perhaps due to its dignified old-man-in-a-suit feel, it has maintained a... German: Noble, of the nobility; Alice is a variant of the old French name Adelais, a form of Adelaide, and the Germanic Adalheidis... English: Variant of names ending in "arlene", such as Carlene and Charlene. HALEY: ingenious HANRAOI: rules the home HEGARTY: unjust HEREMON: myth name HEWNEY: meaning unknown HICKEY: healer HIERO: saint name HIGGINS: intelligent HOIREABARD: soldier HROTHREKR: famous ruler HURLEY: sea tide IARFHLAITH: meaning unknown INERNEY: steward of church lands INNIS, INIS, INYS, INNES, INISS: from the river island IRIAL: meaning unknown, JARLATH: tributary lord JUSTIN: judicious, KALEN, KAILEN, KALAN, KALLAN, KHEELAN, KELLEN: Irish/Celtic name meaning “warrior.” KEALAN, KELAN: slender KEALLACH, KILLIAN: battle KEEFE: handsome KEEGAN, KEAGAN: fiery KEELY, KEALY: handsome KEENAN, KEANAN: ancient KEITH: from the battlefield KELLACH, KILLIAN, CEALLACH: strife KELLEHER: loving husband KENNEDY: helmeted KENNY, KAVAN, KAVEN: handsome KERRY, KEARY: from county Kerry KERWIN, KERWYN: small, black one KIAN, KEAN, KIENAN, KENAN: archaic KIERAN, KYRAN, KIERON: dark KILLDAIRE, KILDARE, KILDAIRE: from county Kildare KINSELLA, KINSALE: meaning unknown, LALOR, LEATHLOBHAIR: half-leper LAOGHAIRE: shepherd LAUGHLIN, LANY, LEACHLAINN, LOUGHLIN: servant LEARY: cattle keeper LEE, LAOIDHIGH: poetic LOCHLAIN, LAKELAND, LOCHLANN: home of the Norse LOMAN: bare LORCAN: little wild one LUGAIDH: famous warrior LUGH: myth name LUNN, LUN: strong, MACARTAN: son of Artan MACAULEY, MACAULIFFE: son of Olaf MACBRIDE: son of Bridget, Bride MACCORMACK: son of Cormac MACELROY: son of Elroy MACMURRA, MACMAUREADHAIGH: son of Murray MACQUAID: son of Quaid MADDEN: small dog MAELEACHLAINN, MALACHY, MILOS, MILES, MYLES: servant MAELISA: serves Christ MAGO, MANE: great MAHER: generous MAHON: bear MALONE, MALONEY: serves Saint John MANNIX, MAINCHIN: monk MANNUSS: great MAOLRUADHAN, MELRONE: serves Saint Ruadhan MAUGHOLD: saint name MEARA, MEADHRA: happy MELCHIOR: meaning unknown MELVIN, MELVYN, MALVIN, MAL: chief MIACH: myth name MOGUE: saint name MOLAN: servant of the storm MOLLOY, MALLOY: noble chief MONOHAN: monk MOONEY, MAONAIGH: wealthy MORAN, MORAIN: great MORIARTY, MUIRCHEARTAIGH: expert seaman MOROLT: legend name MORRISSEY: choice of the sea MUIREADHACH, MURRY, MURRAY: lord of the sea MULCAHY: battle chief MULCONRY: hound of prosperity MUNDY: from Reamon MURCHADH, MURROUGH, MORGAN: fighter of the sea MURPHEY, MURCHADH, MURPHY: sea warrior, NAAL: saint name NALLY: poor NAOMHAN, NEVAN, NEVYN: holy NEASON, NESSAN: saint name NOLAN: noble NULTY, NULTE: from Ulster, ODANODAN: of the red earth ODHRAN, ORAN, ODRAN: pale green OSSIAN: fawn OWNEY, ONEY: meaning unknown, PADRIAC, PADRAIG: noble PARLAN, PATHOLON: legend name PHELAN: joyful, QUAID: Irish form of Walter (strong warrior) QUERAN: dark QUIGLEY: unruly hair QUINLAN: graceful QUINN, QUIN: intelligent, RAGHNALL: strong REGAN, RIAGAN: little king RENNY, RAIGHNE: mighty RIDDOCK, REIDHACHADH, RIDDOC: from the smooth field RIOBARD: bright RIORDAN, RIORDAIN: royal bard ROARK, RUARC, RUARK, RORKE, RUAIDHRI: famous ruler ROGAN, RUADHAGAN, ROWE, ROWEN, ROWYN, ROWIN, ROWAN, RUADHAN: red-haired ROIBHILIN, RAVELIN, RAVELYN, REVELIN: meaning unknown ROIBIN, ROIBEARD: robin RONAN: little seal ROONEY, RUANAIDH: hero RORY, RUAIDHRI: red RUADHAN: saint name RYAN, RIAN: little king, SCANLON, SCANNALAN, SCANLAN: scandal SCULLY, SCOLAIGHE: herald SEAFRA, SHEARY, SEAFRAID: peace from God SEARBHREATHACH: judicious SHAMUS, SEAMUS, SHEMUS: supplanter SHANAHAN, SEANACHAN: wise SHANLEY, SEANLAOCH: old hero SHANNON, SEANAN: little old wise one SHAUGHNESSY, SEACHNSAIGH: meaning unknown SHEA, SEAGHDA: majestic SHEARY, SHERON: Irish form of Geoffrey (peace of God) SHEEHAN, SIODHACHAN: little peaceful one SHERIDAN, SEIREADAN: untamed SORLEY: Viking STRAHAN, SRUTHAN: poet STRUTHERS, SRUTHAIR: from the stream SULLIVAN, SUILEABHAN: black-eyed SWEENEY, SUIDHNE: little hero, TADHG, TADLEIGH: bard TEAGUE, TEAGHUE: poet TERRENCE: tender TERRISS, TERIS: son of Terrence TIARCHNACH, TIERNEY, TIER, TIGHEARNACH, TIERNAN: regal TIBBOT: Irish form of Theobald (strong for the people) TORIN, TORYN: chief TORMEY, TORMAIGH: thunder spirit TORRANCE, TORRENCE, TORRANS, TORY: from the knolls TREACY, TREASIGH, TREASACH: fighter TREVOR, TREABHAR: prudent TULLY, TAICLIGH: peaceful, UAID: Irish form of Walter (strong warrior) UAINE: meaning unknown UALTAR: strong fighter UTHER: myth name. 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