. ETHAN: Your name means gift of the island. They want you to be tackled and break your legs cause you name is so stupid. No? RITA: I can't get rita yer stupid name! Gaelic for "monkey armpits.". Shutup dumb name. TIMMY: No one wants to tell anyone you fell down a well, since your name is so stupid. Great show. Kind of spacey. Stupid name for everyone else. Reaching out to grab a dictionary to find a new name. WALTER: Walter Payton was the greatest running back ever to play football. MAGGIE: You're trying to hard to sound hip and cool. Let's keep it that way. How about now. You're making this too easy. BROOKE: Let's go fishing! TRAVIS: Travis Barker is this awesome drummer for Blink182. Gross. JEN: J.E.N. BEVERLEY: Great name for a set of hills. Copy This. OR You spelled Jamie wrong. "I was obviously wrong about his name which is inexcusable and for that I sincerely apologise. COLE: Put you in your stocking and smoke it. ERMA: Erma freaking out this is your stupid name! JESSIE: Girls name, boys name. DARRELL: Darrell. ISRAEL: I'm not even going to touch this one. I am. It’s easy to say. LUISA: You spelled your name wrong, Louisa. I hate when people make slight changes that totally change your name! JACKSON: Jackson. CARRIE: No one will ever like your name. I have to say, even though these dumb name jokes are infuriating, it's nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. MERCEDES: Hop in one and drive away, hopefully to never hear your name uttered again. SUSANNA: Oh! At length one of the coachmen, a greater wag than the rest, cried out, ‘Pray don’t plague the ladies so; they are not going your road – they are going to Clap’em.’ (20), A soldier refused to take food previous to an engagement because he was not sure of living long enough to allow it time for digestion. PERRY: Take this bottle of champagne, break it on your new yacht. Kinda gassy. Sssssssteve. DIXIE: I have to whistle your name. "Best name ever - Noel Noll!" Ahhhhh! Dumb.com offers thousands of Funny Videos, Silly Jokes, Crazy Pictures, Online Games, Famous Quotes, Comics, Insults, Riddles, and much more. CLIFF: Your stupid name makes me want to jump off one. OR If you turn around three times, spit over your shoulder, and throw salt over your other shoulder, your name will still be stupid. AJ: Nice acronym. JEWELL: Where'd you get that extra L? Dummy. I hope your name came with a gift receipt. Your name is dumb. Nothing. ZACHARIAH: Nice neck beard, penis wrinkle. That's your name? That's pretty cool. ROY: French for "king." What a pain. "The jokes were genuinely intended to be affectionate rather than offensive.". And I am so sorry for naming you such a stupid name. OK, but what's your first name? Voted the best tasting water in Idaho. Get Funny Names A-J Jokes Here Including Dirty Funny Names A-J Jokes, Sick Funny Names A-J Joke, Funny Funny Names A-J Jokes, Gross Funny Names A-J Jokes. KIM: Just leave. PETER: When you finally arrive at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter will come out and say, "Boy, don't WE have a stupid name!". VINCENT: Vincent Price was so awesome the name Vincent should have died with him. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. MATTHEW: Overcame his incredibly stupid name to write the first book of the New Testament, which now also bears an incredibly stupid name. ABIGAIL: Hebrew for "her father's joy." Just a tad. It was creepy. Add a vowel to the end. Let's get started. MARGARET: Commonly shortened to "Maggie," otherwise there'd be too much stupid. IRENE: Greek for "peace". Run FORREST. People with all sorts of names also experience similar things, except with different jokes, of course. Dumb name. MISTY: Misty - may I train you to get a better name? SON: No, someone did not name you this. BRIAN: Well, I guess it's more accurate than "Brain.". People who meet Will should demonstrate some willpower and not make the joke in front of him. TOM: Tom. You're a way and brother. What if Napoleon had escaped from St. Helena and wound up in the United States in 1821? TERRY: Terry, a cloth to clean up sweaty fecal matter. And every person who makes that same joke seems to think they are the first one to ever think of that joke? MOHAMMAD: I'm not going to touch this one. ‘Aye,’ replied a wag, ‘the whole tenor of his life has been base.’ (5), A punster observing a person folding some bank bills remarked, ‘you must be in excellent business, for I see you double your money very easily.’ (6), A little boy having been much praised for his quickness of reply, a gentleman observed [that] when children were so keen in their youth, they are generally stupid and dull as they advance in years. 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