[46] It was inspired by the diploma syllabus of Mohanrao Kallianpurkar at Bhatkhande College.

[9] Kathak teachers also shifted to training boys to preserve the tradition, as most of the 20th-century ridicule had been directed at Kathak "nautch girls". The genre developed during the Bhakti movement, the trend of theistic devotion which evolved in medieval Hinduism.

Essay, 7 pages. Combined with an epic story,

And so, Kathak means “The Art of Story Telling”. Since, Kathak is a dance that consists more footwork, the sound of these bells accompany as music to the dance. Type: Required fields are marked *. [4] Traditionally, the Jaipur gharana has had a strong spiritual flavor, covering a diverse range of ideas in Vaishnavism and Shaivism. We offer all kinds of writing services. Kathak is performed as a dance composition: Kathak, like other classical dances, has a  unique and expressive performance style.

Copyright © 2020 Info edge India Ltd. All rights reserved. [60] The second variation of a Hindu Kathak dancer uses a long, full (just above the ankle), light-weight skirt usually with embroidered border that helps highlight the dance motion. Kathak is one of the major Indian classical dance forms.

[15], The pure dance is called a nritta, while the expressive dance is called a nritya. Kathak is one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance.

The dancers wear anklets called Ghungru (which has around 300 bells).

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