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He won the maiden Moscow-to-Milan car rally, raced a stretch Rolls Royce across America, and set a 34-year record in 1981 for piloting the longest hot air balloon flight ever — a 5,208 mile trek across the Pacific — eventually crash-landing in the mountains of Northern California. First, he sued four of his children, Grace, Kevin, Kyle, and Echo, in 2005. The couple divorced in 1981. It’s not surprising then that Rocky, who had a total of six children from numerous women, became embroiled in a lawsuit over their inheritance while he was still alive.

Rocky Aoki took his celebrity by air, land, and sea — slapping Benihana branding across all of his vehicles — literally. When Aoki's children tried to take control of it, she fought tooth and nail.

Rocky’s iconic chain of theatrical, teppanyaki-style restaurants allowed him to live a lavish life of wild suits, adventure sports, cocaine — and lots of s-e-x. Rocky Aoki took his celebrity by air, land, and sea — slapping Benihana branding across all of his vehicles — literally. His companies were worth nearly $100 million at that point, and he felt that they were trying to take them from him. Following up on a previous action demanding an accounting of the trust fund, they’ve now filed an action in New York Surrogate’s Court to remove Keiko as trustee, according to the, They’re accusing her of wasting away millions of dollars of their inheritance, including millions spent on what they call her “reckless litigation.”, DOL Finalizes Rule on ESG Investing in Retirement Plans, Steward Concepts Leaves LPL Financial for Ameriprise, Successful Indie M&As Require Direct Funding From Firms, Three Factors for a Successful RIA Merger, FINRA Adopts Restrictions on Reps Acting as Beneficiaries, Poll: 15 Classic Books on Investing and the Markets, Fifteen Must-Listen Business Podcasts for Advisors, FICO Updates and Their Impact on Credit Scores, Allowed HTML tags:

. In retaliation, Rocky sued 4 of his 6 children for attempting to “wrest control” of the companies he founded.

Response was tepid the first year, but one rave review from New York Herald Tribune reviewer Clementine Paddleford in 1965, changed everything. By 1972, Benihana had nearly 20 restaurants profiting $12m a year. In retaliation, Rocky sued 4 of his 6 children for attempting to “wrest control” of the companies he founded. How does the S&P 500 perform after a US presidential election? When he passed away, his third wife became the CEO of Benihana, and the owner of much of the company's stock. He divvied his 50 restaurants between the original Benihana of Tokyo, and a new holding company called Benihana Inc. — serving as chairman of both. In addition to being a restaurateur, Rocky was also known for some other eccentric endeavors, including a pornographic magazine akin to Playboy. Cocaine, boats, and backgammon: The insane life of Rocky Aoki, Benihana’s founder, Rocky’s iconic chain of theatrical, teppanyaki-style restaurants allowed him to live a lavish life of wild suits, adventure sports, cocaine — and, Rocky capitalized on time in the spotlight, opening new restaurants in Chicago, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
According to Rocky, his father, Yunosuke, was a “playboy” with a love for vaudeville and the restaurant biz — an industry he entered right around the time American B-29s bombed Tokyo in 1942, killing close to 100k people. He had bigger plans. Since Keiko Ono took control, the company has been sued multiple times and lost. He also felt under attack by his first wife, who he believed had never forgiven him for making a first child with his second wife, at the same time she was growing their third child. Running the ice cream truck was not his goal in life. Is Spotify the UBI we’ve all been waiting for? Look, you came to this site because you saw something cool. They are not allowed to touch the trust until they both turn 45. Until then, the Aokis watch helplessly as Keiko squanders their inheritance on marketing ploys, like the infamous Beni Girls — a jet-setting rap duo dressed in sexy Benihana chef outfits. Rocky Aoki's heirs seek removal of their stepmother as trustee of $50 million trust. Interested?

Then, he got ‘found’: A rave review from the New York Herald Tribune eventually brought in crowds and regulars of the likes of Muhammed Ali, and Sean Connery. He married Chizuru Kobayashi Aoki in 1964. You’ll want to see the results. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon Pinterest Reddit.

At one point, the man had 3 kids from 3 different women at the exact same time. In 1998, faced with an insider trading conviction, Aoki created a trust that was to be controlled by Kevin, Kyle, Grace, and his friend Kenneth. Multiple marriages, resulting in multiple spouses, and multiple children, can make the task of dividing an estate into a labyrinthine, messy venture that can take decades to sort out. Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki died of liver cancer in 2008, making Keiko the sole trustee.

Rocky married his third wife, Benihana consultant and Miss Tokyo runner-up Keiko Ono, in 2002. Keiko Aoki Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family  Structural Info; Net Worth: $700,000: Source. So, at just 25, Rocky asked his veteran chefs to throw in the bells and whistles — prepare meals over an iron griddle, crack jokes (and eggs) with customers, and set onion volcanoes ablaze.

All of them; But his fast-and-loose lifestyle was catching up with him. Multiple business ventures, a missing spleen, and 2 wives later, the pin-striped-suit-wearing adventurer had grown his restaurant into a $100m global business by 1998.

He reportedly lost $2m on the venture and closed it a year later.

If you don’t like it, unsubscribe any time. Fast forward to today, and the company, now known as Benihana, Inc., is made up of 116 restaurants spread out around the globe. In Keiko’s defense, Rocky would’ve loved the Beni Girls.

Then he remarried in 2002, and everything started to get really wacky. The couple divorced in 1991. Rocky Aoki, born Hiroaki Aoki in Tokyo, Japan on October 9, 1938, was initially interested in a career in music. $700,000. Software startups are crashing the 100x revenue club, When hedge funds try to own commonly used ideas, Airbnb survived the pandemic and is on the cusp of an IPO, Corporate people getting busted for stuff they say, How to avoid burnout by working less and doing more, The company that has a monopoly on ice cream truck music, How a tiny peanut butter company grew to $500k per month in sales. In 2010, she appointed herself CEO of Benihana of Tokyo. That summer, he saved $10k from driving an ice cream truck in Harlem and used it to persuade his father to co-invest in a 4-table Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. He began to expand immediately, opening a large restaurant in New York City with a Samurai theme, and then expanding to Chicago.
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