Run the program and look for the 'Kodak Alaris Inc. Scanner Service' within the pop up list on your screen.

Dirty or dull scanner rollers can have a negative effect on image quality as well as general scanner use. Ensure 'Multifeed Calibration' is highlighted on the screen and press the 'Play'-triangle button The scanner will run the document and you will see a 'UDDS Calibration Succeeded' screen The display says the UDDS calibration failed. Try plugging in another electrical device to the outlet your scanner is connected to verify the outlet has a working electrical connection.

Contact the support service for the third-party scanning application that you are using. This error message appears if the calibration failed.

If the scanner does not complete a successful calibration after completing the steps above, please contact Brother Customer Service from "Contact Us". Cannot Scan (via USB / Parallel)Cannot Scan (via Mobile Device)Scan Quality ProblemGeneral Scan ProblemScan from Mobile DeviceScan from Computer (Windows)Scan Settings / ManagementTips for Scanning Please note this form is used for feedback only. We are unable to diagnose issues with scanning applications that are not made by Kodak Alaris. See the suggestions below to try and fix your problem: If your consumables need to be replaced, you can purchase them by contacting your Kodak Alaris reseller - See consumables catalog, Running Multifeed calibration on your S2050/S2070.

The Kodak trademark and trade dress are used under license from Eastman Kodak Company. If you don't have full administrative control, the calibration process will fail. Use your computer's search function and look for the program 'Services'. If you still find streaks are making their way onto your scanned image, you set the aggressiveness of the setting from -2 to 2. We are glad we could help you resolve your problem! Cleaning Also, refraining from scanning paper with fresh ink can also reduce streaks. Open this up and run through the process for setting up a USB connection. This problem can be corrected by the following: If you don't have full administrative control, the calibration process will fail. (Windows 8)

Are the text or lines on your scanned image faded, or otherwise not showing up as prominently as you would like? Are there black vertical streaks appearing on your scanned image? Windows SupportMacintosh Support.

Turn off your scanner and remove the USB cable from your computer, Navigate to your computer's Control Panel, Under 'Programs', select 'Uninstall a Program', Right-click 'Alaris S2000 Scanners' and select 'Uninstall', Continue through the Wizard until the drivers have been uninstalled, Run the Setup Wizard for your S2000 again following the steps as necessary. Make sure that you are logged on with Administrator rights. Android™ Device-related ProblemBrother iPrint&Scan (Android™ Device)

Is your Kodak Alaris scanning application on the latest version? What aspect of the S2050 / S2070 are you having problems with?

To 101.6 Cm (40 In. Does your document background have multiple background colors which distract or otherwise make the document hard to read?

Page 102 Messages Operator Message UDDS calibration failed The UDDS calibration failed. • Clean the sensors and try again. If you are scanning a stack of documents which may or may not be face-up, then Post-Scan Rotation can help. Does your computer have enough storage for the drivers? Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Kodak I1840 - Document Scanner User Manual, Scanner Kodak i1800 Series Image Processing Manual, Scanner Kodak i1800 Series Key Operator's Manual, Scanner Kodak i1800 SERIES User Maintenance Manual, Scanner Kodak i1860 Installation Planning Manual, Scanner Kodak 120-3090 - I830 - Scanner Firmware User Manual, Scanner Kodak i1800 Series Specifications, Scanner Kodak Kodak i1220 Installation And Configuration Manual, Scanner Kodak I1420 - Document Scanner User Manual, Page 24: Adjusting The Height Of The Input Elevator, Page 25: Installing The Document Extender, Page 26: Adjusting The Output Tray For Document Lengths Up To 43.2 Cm (17 In.

Is 'Intelligent Document Protection' on? Go into your scanner application settings and look for 'Resolution'.

My setup: - QNAP TVS-882 with Virtualhere license - Windows 10 Pro x64 virtual machine running on QNAP / Windows 7 Pro x64 standalone PC - Kodak Alaris Scanmate i1150 connected to QNAP USB port

Which part of the Setup Wizard is causing issue?

Go into your scanner application settings and enable the 'Automatically Detect and Straighten' setting. Open Explorer. Is there a black border surrounding your scanned image? __________________________________________. Go into your scanner application settings and enable 'Background Smoothing'. But there seems to be some communication missing between scanner and scan application. Disconnect the USB cable from the machine. If you find that some lines are still making it through on the resulting scanned image of your document, you can also set the aggressiveness of this option from -10 to 10.

Do consumables such as the feed module and/or separator need to be replaced? Go into your scanner application settings and enable 'Foreground Boldness'. Do you wish to eliminate form lines and / or boxes on your documents so that only text is shown on the final scanned image? Non-volatile memory is used to store program data, scanner settings, and scanner calibration data.

Right click this process and select the 'Stop' option if possible. ), Page 30: Adjusting The Output Tray For Documents From 43.2 Cm (17 In.)

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