BRCA Genetics. Ultimately, they come to realize that there is still time to work toward a better tomorrow. Despite my initial apprehension about leading a class discussion on a graphic novel, the conversations we had were most exciting and energetic. For Layla, Mansoura represents her hopeful vision for Egypt’s future in medicine. Medical school is a complex terrain for Layla: it is there that she meets nurturing and inspiring people such as Dr. Dina Shokry, but also arrogant doctors who scorn their poor patients.

In Lissa, Anna’s father works for a transnational oil company located in Maadi, and Anna attends the American school (Cairo American College) also in her neighborhood. As both girls face family health crises at home, and reckon with illness, risk, and loss in different ways, their friendship is put to the test … until revolutionary unrest in Egypt changes their lives forever. Cancer Genetics and Prevention Programs in the United States Photo taken by Francesco Dragone. Anna and Layla must learn to come to terms with illness, faith, and political resistance against the backdrop of Egypt’s Arab Spring. You will see throughout the story that Layla does not cover her hair when she is at home, amongst family members.

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