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Summer officially ends on Monday. If content on this website is not accessible and you would like to request the information in a different format, please contact (207) 626-8400. The links on this page are intended to help you gain information on some common registration processes and highlights new plates and programs.

We welcome Fall and say goodbye to the dumpster fire that was the Summer of 2020. It is for informational and educational purposes only. Maine, and We Support Our Troops plates cost an additional $20 for the first year and $15 annually at time of renewal, plus the vanity fee of $25. 2 0 obj All rights reserved. Maine Outdoor Brands is sponsoring the ADVENTURE plate – our goal is to strengthen Maine’s outdoor recreation economy and to create even more opportunities for outdoor adventures. The links on this page are intended to help you gain information on some common 980. Please make checks or money orders payable to the Secretary of State.

Important Motorcycle registration information, Commonly Asked Questions from the Agricultural Community Regarding the Operation of Commercial and Farm Vehicles, Breast Cancer Support Services Specialty Plate, University of Maine System Specialty Plate, Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Disability Plates, Placards & Parking.

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This Site contains general information with respect to personalized license plates at the department of motor vehicles in various states. registration processes and highlights new plates and programs.

Online Registration Renewal | Online Vanity Plate Search and Order | Online Duplicate Registration |. Human beings are forever fascinated by vanity plates. Copyright © 2015 This Site is not owned or operated by, nor affiliated with any governmental organization.

Terms of Use Our Brake Ducts Are Unique To Our Ducks.

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Posted by 1 day ago. r/justlearnedthefword. Proceeds from the plate will be used to support entrepreneurship and workforce development for Maine’s outdoor industry. Registrations & Plates. )ukp:�}�� zC��_ �q���>-k�k�*�T��!�Ja*F�TJ���i�������>�����?����W� ������'o�ߝ��z�_���'o�R_�����&'�?ã��='�D�IdH��H�-�-T*Fəi�� #l.Ҳ�ׇ��y7sh'ҋ/S�Mț�+w_�����],�V��o>O>MyE�$��"���P5����~v�'�����Y��9D�#�}ާJ�[4��Y_��Ys=�Զ/��܍A�G�e{w^==? View entire discussion ( 21 comments) More posts from the Maine community. If you were traveling on the highways and byways of Maine, you may have seen a wacky vanity license plate or two.

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stream Maine allows you to determine if your specific lettering on the license plate is available online.Personalized license plates in Maine can also be ordered online and take up to 30 days for processing and delivery. 52149 or by Email: registrations@maine.gov.

You should check with the specific state that your motor vehicle is registered in before ordering. The Maine Secretary of State – Bureau of Motor Vehicles oversees the distribution and issuance of personalized and customized vanity license plates.

Contact Us, Free Directory of Custom License Plates in Your State. Janet Mills signs bill ending religious and personal exemptions for vaccinations — Politics. endobj You may contact the BMV Registration Section with questions or comments at: (207) 624-9000 ext.

USA Vanity Plates is dedicated to showing how drivers in Maine express themselves with personalized license plates.There are many ways people express themselves, and using customized vanity plates or personalized vanity tags is a great way to do it on the road.
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