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"Figure Not Included" Rob Renzetti: TBA: Butch Hartman: September 10, 1997 () 210b (34-5411) Dexter makes his own Major Glory action figures so that he can join the neighborhood's Major Glory gang, but gets into serious trouble when the rest of the gang finds out that none of his action figures are original. Action Figures.

He's a combination of parts...[, The Viking God of rock!! And the infraggable Krunk!

Major Glory (c) Cartoon Network. Major Glory is a tall light-skinned man whose true face is never seen due to it always being concealed by his iconic golden mask. Through an occult ritual the Founding Fathers created a new spirit bound to the Declaration of Independence, using large amounts of Dust to give this spirit life and power. I can’t wait to see your Valhallen, Viking god of rock!!! Dracon - The mech has a one-sided animosity towards Major Glory, not that the hero realizes it, due to his theatrical nature. Major Glory also sports a well-built sculpted musculature with slim legs.

Cow and Chicken Original Production Cel w/matching hand drawn Cel with C of A. The spirit then merged with a chosen patriot, becoming the first true American Huntsmen who fought against the Grimm and in later conflicts. He also has great things to say about many other warriors and Hunters, most recently Dracon due to his exploits and abilities. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Made of modeling clay....[, Krunk from the 90's cartoon series Dexter's lab. Cape from bootleg superman toy...[, The InFraggable Krunk is the biggest and strongest of the Justice Friends from Dexter's Lab. Kazemon - Major Glory is concerned about Kazemon and her ability to handle herself in battle, despite being a Legendary Warrior, the Warrior of Wind. But Major Glory's insistence on having such a relationship with the Warrior of Darkness makes Lowemon a bit unnerved. Body is paper clay with thin plastic melted over, with fabrics for the fur effect. RECIPE:- Major Glory is a proud and patriotic superhero who is courageous in battle and loves his country above all else, and because of this, he is viewed as an upstanding figure in the superhero community who is quite popular with the Press. My version has a him a little less adorable and more badass :p. I...[, This is to go with my Dexter and my CustomCon entry the Justice Friends.It took a while because I devoted my time to the CustomCon entry.The base is Sulley from Monster's Inc. All of these powers and years of experience have allowed Major Glory to be strong enough to even fight against intergalactic tyrant Vilgax on even terms. Just wanted to...[, My interpretation of Dexter's Lab Dee Dee:). Major Glory (Dexter's Lab) Custom Action Figure. https://grimmfall-fanfiction.fandom.com/wiki/Major_Glory?oldid=3877, Major Glory is secretly a fan of Dracon, and he even sleeps with an action figure of the Gundam. He appears to be a bit of a germaphobe who prefers that things be neat and clean, and he also has a deep fear of bees and dentists, and will degenerate into a paranoid coward willing to go to great lengths to avoid confronting his fears. Major Glory is very sentimental and occasionally over-dramatic when it comes to his friends and/or emotional moments, almost treating them like family at times rather than roommates/teammates, showing that he greatly cares about his closest friends. I sculpted the rest.I...[, The figure was sanded down then I sculpted a face,lab coat, and glasses. Eventually, the Gundam overcomes his hatred of the hero, seeing that even Major Glory is human. In this episode, Dexter and Dee Dee give their pet fish, named Fishy, too many commands. Due to this, Kazemon feels pressured to get stronger, with only Lowemon and Agunimon being able to understand how she feels. McFarlane Toys Fantasy Action Figures 1999. The figures contained in the Custom Showcase are not for sale by Figure Realm, and the creators of the customs are no way affiliated with Figure Realm. Lowemon - The Warrior of Darkness is often seen as an ally and a capable foe by Major Glory, even though the Digimon keeps himself at a distance, preferring a professional relationship with the hero instead of the family-like bond the major is trying to build with his teammates. In creating this custom I filled in the peg holes on...[, Sculpy for head, hands, and feet. The Grimm had made colonizing America nearly impossible, outnumbering the natives and destroying many settlements. Milliput for Mask and Glove details ), Major Glory's ability to transfer his powers to a successor shares a similarity to. Gold Posca marker He can't deny the hero's good intentions, but he does find Major Glory to be a bit clingy as a result. enaml paint blue As a result, Fishy suffers from exhaustion and dies. Men Figurine Art Sculptures. He makes an invention that leaves him invisible and follows them to ensure they'll buy at least one thing he's always wanted: A Major Glory action-figure. acrylic paint red...[, Major Glory from the Justice Friends from Dexter Laboratory All Might gives his Quirk known as One For All to his successor Midoriya who was born without a powers. However, in his private life, Major Glory is quite a neat freak with a number of fears and obsessive habits. Please tell us why you are reporting this custom. Jimmy then uses his beam sword to destroy the Major Glory action figure that's holding him and flies off … As well as being Dexter's favorite superhero, he is the leader of The Justice Friends. Major Glory also knows of the Digimon that have been sent to his world, namely the Legendary Warriors Lowemon and Kazemon as well as the Grimm Slayer, Omnimon himself. Major Glory a superhero in the universes of Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls. This obsessive compulsive behaviour is likely due to his harsh and strict upbringing under his Uncle Sam. His only visible facial features are his large chin and pearly white teeth. milliput Major Glory. His only visible facial features are his large chin and pearly white teeth. His parents buy lots of stuff he doesn't want and seem like baby toys. I'm pretty disappointed. Justice Friends assemble!!! The Digimon can understand Major Glory's desire to keep his team safe as well, finding it to be worth respecting, but he does wish that the hero would have more faith in his friends and teammates, as they can handle themselves. Stationed in GrimmFall, Major Glory serves as the symbol of peace and justice against the forces of darkness, always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. The siblings are then ordered to flush Fishy down the toilet, but after refusal, Fishy comes back as a ghost and haunts them. His helmet is golden and is made in the image of a bald eagle. Genndy Tartakovsky never had him like this.

As well as being Dexter's favorite superhero, he is the leader of The Justice Friends.

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