VP: 3, Gladiator (2 copies)

Cost: 5

Feast Put one of those cards with that exact Hero name into your hand. Always Leads: Ultron's Legacy Master Strike: KO all Heroes Dominated by Shadow King. Attack: 6 Attack: 4+ : You get +1 Attack for each Villain in your Victory Pile that has a printed Attack 3 or less. While a Divided Card is in your hand or the HQ, it counts as all its Hero Classes, Teams and Hero Names. Otherwise, put them back in any order. When you draw a new hand of cards at the end of this turn, draw three extra cards. Gathering Rain Clouds (Storm: X-Men) Fight: Put a 0-cost Hero from the KO pile on top of each other player's deck. 5 Attack Draw a card. Cost: 2, Find Fatal Flaw (5 copies) Attack: 6 Cost: 3, Devouring Frenzy (5 copies) Twist 2: France: 3 spaces. If it has a Recruit icon, KO it. 2 Attack Teleport If you guessed right, you get +2 Attack. Fight: KO one of your Heroes. You may KO it.

Token Cards: Sometimes game play will cause additional Villains or Masterminds to be added during play. Attack: 13* Attack: 3 Attack: 5, Crackdown Some Villains and Masterminds say they "Dominate" Hero cards from various places. 0+ Recruit

Kraven's Attack is equal to the Cost of the highest-cost Hero in the HQ.

: You may gain a Wound. Private Investigations (5 copies) Time Gem gains Shards equal to that card's printed Victory Points. Otherwise, draw it. Cost: 4* War of Kings

During your turn, you can spend 1 Attack any number of times to move yourself one space left or right. Fin Fang Foom VP: 3, Abomination, Raging Monster (2 copies) All Heroes you recruit this turn have Soaring Flight. Cost: 0 Then, for each Twist in that stack, KO a Hero from the HQ and immediately refill that HQ space. Supersonic Spells (Wiccan: Avengers) 2 Attack, '92 Jubilee (3 copies)

Some Villains and Masterminds also say they get stronger or harm you in special ways if you fail to Outwit them. Hex Bolt (5 copies) HULK IS THE STRONGEST ONE THERE IS! If you can balance yourself upside-down, you will turn your foes upside-down with a balanced attack. Transforms. Moonlight: Draw a card. During your turn, Empath gets +1 Attack for each grey Hero you have. Cost: 5, Eternity of Solitude (1 copy) Heart of the Ocean (5 copies) 1 Recruit HYDRA Conspiracy

Special Rules: Heroes in the Villain Deck are "Micro-Sized Villains with Attack equal to their printed cost. If you win, reveal the top four cards of your deck, KO any number of them, and put the rest back in any order. Hiroim Redeemed (5 copies) Cost: 2 Kitty goes through a lot of toasters.

: You may KO a card from your hand or discard pile. Cost: 5 Microscopic Size-Changing 1 Attack Reckless Rescue Attempt (5 copies) Attack: 5 VP: 2, Ymir, Frost Giant King (2 copies) Draw a card. Pull Reality Into the Negative Zone Escape: Fortify the Mastermind. Match Offenders vs. Defenders 0+ Attack Special Rules: Each Villain gets +1 Attack for each Bystander it has. (, , , or ) Reveal the top card of your deck. 2 Attack

Nobody likes being stung by a bug. Half-Cocked (5 copies) Fight: If this is not the final Tactic, rescue six Bystanders and shuffle this Tactic back into the other Tactics.

Special Rules: The Sewers and Bank do not exist, so the city is only 3 spaces. When you play or Teleport this card, you may also Teleport up to three other cards from your hand. Evil Wins: When the number of non-grey Heroes in the KO pile is 5 times the number of players. 2+ Attack VP: 6, Vulture, Carnival Cannibal (2 copies) : Does the top card of your deck have a gun in the art?

5 Attack 3+ Attack If this is in your hand at the start of your turn, the player on your left gains this card and the player on your right gains a Wound. Back in Costume x1 Instinct card 8 cost 4 recruit Whenever you recruit a shield or spider friends hero this turn, draw a card. Attack: 9+ VP: 3, The Leader (2 copies)

Size-Changing This keyword represents Heroes and Villains using superpowers to shrink, grow, or massively change their size. 2 Attack --- Put them on the bottom of the Hero Deck in random order. Master Strike: Each player reveals their hand and discards two cards that each cost between 5 and 8.

Villain Deck includes 14 cards for an extra Hero and no Bystanders. Her supernatural black tokens curse, while her red tokens bless. 1 Attack Cost: 7 Fight: Take another turn after this one. Fight: Each other player reveals an X-Men Hero or gains a Wound. 5 Attack Always Leads: Heralds of Galactus Setup: 8 Twists.

Attack: 9+ VP: 4, High Tech Helmet (2 copies) : Each other player reveals the top card of their deck. Patrol the Sewers: If it's empty, each other player gains a Wound.

4 Attack 5 Attack Spectrum: Reveal the top four cards of your deck. A Quiver of Thunderbolts is quite unorthodox but totally awesome. Attack: 11* Shuffle together 20 Bystanders and 10 Cytoplasm Spike Henchmen as an "Infected Deck." Put 11 random cards from the Hero Deck face up in a "Contest Row." : You get +3 Attack. This keyword represents hard-bitten detectives like Jessica Jones investigating mysteries and searching for evidence and allies. Ambush: The Mastermind gains the Throne's Favor. Phasing Cost: 6, The Man Without Fear (1 copy) Cost: 5, Transformed Whoever reveals the fewest Mercs for Money cards (or tied for fewest) gains a Wound. Most motorcycles don't drive up walls. Put the rest on the top or bottom of the Hero Deck in any order. 2+ Attack When Absorbing Man seized the Mace, he was reborn as Greithoth, body and soul. If you are using Final Showdown, you can use Artifacts during your Showdown Turn. Evil Wins: If the Wound stack runs out. Always Leads: Universal Church of Truth If the Rooftops are empty, a Villain you revealed enters the Rooftops. Havok (2 copies) 0+ Attack Cost: 2, Multi-Gun (5 copies) Fight: Rescue four Bystanders. Cosmic Threat Cost: 7 Then reveal the top card of your deck and check its cost. Otherwise, move this to the Bridge. Fight: Rescue 4 Bystanders. Whoever discards the lowest-costing card (or tied for lowest) gains a Wound. Twist 1-6: Stack this Twists next to the Scheme as a "Traitor Battalion."

Evil Wins: When 4 Sidekicks escape. When you rescue this Bystander, a player of your choice gains a S.H.I.E.L.D. Cost: 7 Add all 14 cards for and extra Hero the Villain Deck. If you played at least 7 other cards this turn you get +2 Attack. Captain America gets +1 Attack for each color of Ally in the Lair. Investigate for a card that costs 3 or less. Each of the four Masterminds has two random Tactics. Size-Changing : Investigate the Bystander Stack for a Bystander and rescue it.

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