As you could imagine, Twitter had a field day: She can’t speak English very well, you republicans doesn’t like this! He rose pretty fast, into Senate president. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is the face of the Republican Party’s next generation: young, white, and a gigantic racist lunatic. Yesterday, Gaetz took a break from doing whatever the hell he …

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED., Also, this may be tough for @mattgaetz and I to admit, but Nestor is definitely the best athlete in the family! Nestor and Rep. Santa Claus (R-North Pole). He just got in there, and of course now he’s trying to out-Trump Trump.”, “They are workers,” real estate developer and Gaetz family friend Collier Merrill told the outlet. Not intelligent nor interesting PLUS, dumfuk, as she calls her husband when with friends, wouldn’t let her because she may slip & tell the world what a moronic clown she is married to!#MattGaetzIsATool

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz., Here’s one of my favorite family photos from a few Easters ago. Real Florida Magazine interview with Florida Senator Don Gaetz HD, Real Florida Magazine interview with Florida Senator Don Gaetz in Chipley, Florida. There was no way to see that coming. “As your leader, I had to do that,” Trump said in the video. She refused, & gave birth to sister Erin but carrying the pregnancy to term cost her her mobility. She has worked and volunteered for John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, HFA (Hillary For America) and Organizing For Action. Gaetz has represented Florida’s 1st district since 2017., I love when my son venmos me seven years into our relationship with "this Nestor", Look how proud you are. By subscribing, you agree to receive emails from and that you've read and agree to our, Matt Gaetz Wants to Know Why Melania Trump Doesn't Have Her Own Podcast — The Internet Tells Him Why, George Conway Speaks the Truth: ‘Say a Prayer for the Country Tonight’, Trump’s Tweeting the Most Pathetic and Ridiculous Claims About Biden that It’s Almost Embarrassing, The Final Quinnipiac Poll is in, and Democrats…Things are Looking Very Good, Low-Energy Trump Gives Up on Pathetic Speech in Minnesota After Just 21 Minutes Because He Was Limited to 250 Supporters, Heckler Interrupts Melania’s Speech to Say That Donald Trump is ‘Handsome’ and Social Media Disagrees, Don Lemon Faces Backlash After Saying Trump Supporters are Like Drug Addicts Who ‘Hit Rock Bottom’. Terrible speaker 2. She holds her Bachelor’s from Boston College and her Master’s from Columbia University, both in Economics., Love to call my son (who lives with me) a “House Page” COMMENT POLICY: We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, hard-core profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. Is there? Maybe I’m immune., Christmas Eve 2013. Matt Gaetz: US Representative | Conversation with Jeff Weeks | WSREFrom Florida's first congressional district, Congressman Matt Gaetz speaks with Jeff about experiences in the first few months of his term.2017-04-24T20:07:54.000Z. When not working as a writer, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her three college-aged children. "We share no blood but he is my life. She will have to wait for Michelle Obama to release a podcast so she will have something to plagiarize. Sen. Prez) lives in the house from the Truman Show. Maybe that Gohmert guy…but it’s close. Gaetz’s family moved from southern Florida to the Panhandle when Matt was 10. Cause she'll be leaving her broke husband for new sugar daddy November 4th. He didn't speak English, but luckily, Matt speaks Spanish," she wrote. What would she discuss? The Republican Representative suddenly announced as much on Twitter on Thursday, sharing a pic with his now 19-year-old son, Nestor. He grew up in Fort Walton Beach in Florida and attended Florida State University before earning his law degree at The College of William and Mary in Virginia. “Even when Don didn’t have an opponent, he was walking every day to knock on doors. Fun fact: Gaetz's dad (Fl. “We call them Papa Gaetz and Baby Gaetz,” Evalyn Narramore, who chairs the Democratic Party of Escambia County, told The Post. © 2020 It didn't take long for Twitter users to mockingly dig back through their social media history through the years: I love when my Dad calls me "Local student" too. Vicky was advised to terminate her pregnancy but chose not to. Nestor turned 19 a few days ago & will be off to University. Matt's sister jumped to his defense, calling her brother "an incredible father". First, he responded to Donald Trump’s return to the White House with the words: “I will never love another President again!”. She’s passionate about liberal and progressive causes, and considers President Obama her most favorite president ever. While discussing the Justice in Policing Act, Richmond lashed out at his white GOP colleagues, saying they did not know what it was like having a black son, and were guilty of unconscious bias at best, and at worst, conscious bias; Gaetz countered by asking if he was suggesting that none of the GOP congressmen had any non-white children. And second, he wants to know why Melania Trump doesn’t have her own podcast. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

From Florida's first congressional district, Congressman Matt Gaetz speaks with Jeff about experiences in the first few months of his term. Gaetz, 36, is unmarried. Makeup?, — R.J. Lehmann (@raylehmann) July 26, 2017.

He also served as the President of the Florida Senate from 2012 to 2014. He has one sister, Erin Victoria Gaetz.

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