All of those things run through my mind a lot.

I grew up as an artist. People have been making films about it for 100 years. Science fiction allows for design and creatures and guns and all the stuff that I like as well. Movie News. Press J to jump to the feed. But half of it is severe slummy, something like Rio De Janiero or something. Blomkamp has admitted since that the Halo pre-production was a nightmare, and relations between 20th Century Fox and Blomkamp severely disintegrated before the project's end. And I saw that when I was probably just over 10 years old. I don't put any pressure on myself in terms of what people or fans do or don't want.

I think every concept I've come up with and turned into films or that will be hopefully become a film comes from images first. See more of Archon on Facebook.

In 2000, he garnered his first role of lead animator for the Dark Angel TV series (2000). The creature, a dog-sized mix between a pig and a lizard, presents a tattooed seal on its side that reads "18.12 AGM Heartland Pat. Blomkamp was 18 when he moved to Vancouver with his family, where he enrolled at the Vancouver Film School. Satire also allows you to make fun of every different aspect. I actually think Johannesburg represents the future. So I think it's officially my next film. So I think most of the films I make, I'm sure, will be in that category. [on Johannesburg] It has this thermonuclear-weapons feel, like it's going to go off at any point. The technology just wasn't there up until pretty recently, and it takes a bit of time for the normal artistic way of approaching something to become a mainstream thing. I still think the satirical idea of a ring filled with rich people hovering above the impoverished Earth is an awesome idea. They want to be a star themselves. I love it so much, I almost want to go back and do it correctly. You read stuff that is wild speculation, and there's an element of it that makes me not trust it because there's this undercurrent of insanity to it sometimes.

This isn't the Hollywood I wanted to be part of. I have zero strategy for my career - like, zero. Though Ridley Scott initially confirmed Blomkamp's film had been officially canceled,[19] 20th Century Fox may reconsider after the fan reception of Covenant.

108k Followers, 311 Following, 248 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Neill Blomkamp (@neillblomkamp) If I wanted to make something that actually made a difference roughly in this industry, I would make a documentary. I just watch movies I like over and over. User account menu. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I don't want egos and personalities on the set that make it more difficult to make the film. [16] The project was shelved in October 2015, pending the outcome of Ridley Scott's second prequel installment, Alien: Covenant. He is a director and writer, known for District 9 (2009), Elysium (2013) and Chappie (2015). I think it depends on the person, but for me, photographs of an image of something interesting or inspiring is worth a lot more than words to me. I think that, if there are topics that are just on people's minds, things manifest into reality out of the sort of global consciousness of being aware of those topics.

The four shorts that got him noticed included: Tetra Vaal, a faux advertisement for a third-world police robot that established Blomkamp's signature style of mixing lo-fi production with seamless CGI; Alive in Joburg, a gritty mockumentary about extraterrestrials marooned in Johannesburg; Tempbot, an Office Space-esque spoof; and Yellow, a short film based on the colour yellow for Adidas' "Adicolor" campaign by digital studio IDEALOGUE, which portrays a globe-trotting android gone rogue. Neill Blomkamp’s Horror Flick ‘Inferno’ Might Be Getting Retitled To ‘Archon’ – Will Focus On A Murderous Demon by Christopher Marc.

I think that people who make films and think they're changing the world are sorely mistaken.

What I do is spend too much time thinking. So the idea of any kind of fandom or people that are waiting for something that I may release is very distant in my mind. Most of the time I just walk around annoyed. hot. It seems to be a lot of sci-fi stuff. [25] Tentatively titled RoboCop Returns, the film will serve as a direct sequel to the first film, ignoring 1990's RoboCop 2 and 1993's RoboCop 3, as well as the 2014 remake. [20] Fans of the franchise have started a petition to help save Blomkamp's cancelled film. They have one child. [2013], Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. At the age of sixteen, he met Sharlto Copley, who had also attended Redhill High School in Johannesburg. [14] On 18 February 2015, Blomkamp himself confirmed that the Alien film will be his next project.

I like using science fiction to talk about subjects through the veneer of science fiction. Username Password. I'm making politically observant films for audiences. [21] As of June 2020, there's no update on whether the planned and cancelled film is being revived.

[13] In a February 2015 interview with Collider, he stated that he planned the Alien sequel with Sigourney Weaver in the lead role as Ellen Ripley. Log In — Neill Blomkamp (@NeillBlomkamp) February 10, 2019. But I don't want to, not at all. Social commentary … If there isn't a deep core reason for a film existing, what is the point? My version of what I think the world is going to become looks like Johannesburg. The New ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie Has Begun Production, Taika Waititi’s ‘Akira’ Movie Officially Casting A Young Asian Cast To Play Kaneda’s Gang and The Espers – Character Breakdowns Leak, Channing Tatum Spotted On The Set of Ryan Reynolds’ Action Flick ‘Free Guy’ As He Takes An Undisclosed Role. Blomkamp r/ Blomkamp.

I just want to make films that have enough of a budget to pull off high-level imagery but also have a budget that is low enough that I can do what I want. My favourite stuff is visual, and I always want to work with visual artwork. That would be the closest I could come to actually try and make a difference. If you just compare South Africans to the rest of the world, I think that white South Africans, and especially English-speaking white South Africans, are exactly the same as Brits or Australians or New Zealanders or Canadians or Americans. It really just doesn't occur to me.

If something is as smart as you, do you treat it differently if it isn't a human? So it's kind of weird, because it's both happening at the same time. USA". We know next to … But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I think the reason you use an actor is if they are right for the role. When something pre-exists, there's this idea of my own interpretation versus 150 other people involved with the film's interpretation of the same intellectual property. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Blomkamp employs a documentary-style, hand-held, cinéma vérité technique, blending naturalistic and photo-realistic computer-generated effects, and his films often deal with themes of xenophobia and social segregation. [6] "AGM Heartland" was trademarked for its use in an entertainment-oriented website. Would I describe myself as relatively happy, I suppose, but society gets to me. Login/Register. The films will also be available for free streaming on YouTube.

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