Jurors seemed to blame the defendant for hiding behind Bailey's "mind-control" theory and not coming clean about her true feelings. Thus began one of the strangest cases in FBI history. ", The Hibernia Bank robbery occurred shortly afterward, on April 15. Opening statements for the two sides addressed the reality that the crime for which Hearst was being tried was captured on videotape. Hands up." The communique warned that any attempt to rescue Hearst would result in the prisoner being "executed." Unfortunately for her case, the jurors didn't believe a lot of what they heard from her. The event was captured on live television. One reason is because that was the theory that Hearst's parents wanted him to use--and they were paying for his defense. Fort described the young Hearst as basically "an amoral person" who thought rules did not apply to her. Many of its members, including Cinque, came from educated, upper-class background similar to Patty's--and all chose to become members without being brainwashed. The tape included the frightened voice of Patty Hearst. The last two members were arrested in 1999 and 2002.

The next day, the house was surrounded by L.A. police. The SLA established as its goals closing prisons, ending monogamy, and eliminating "all other institutions that have made and sustained capitalism." If the love trinket wasn't enough to explain, there was also Patty's own words in her June 7 communique, in which she called Cujo "the gentlest, most beautiful man I've ever known." And the rest of the SLA? In a March audiotape released by the SLA, Patty criticized her father's food distribution efforts: "So far it sounds like you and your advisers managed to turn it into a real disaster. Her hair, dyed a brassy red when she was arrested, has been toned to a gentle chestnut and coiffed softly around her face. She said that "out of the ashes" of the fire she "was reborn"--and knew what she had to do next. Asked to explain why she would keep a gift in her purse from a rapist that she hated, Hearst answered lamely that she "like art" and took classes in art history. Meanwhile, the FBI had launched one of the most massive, agent-intensive searches in its history to find Hearst and stop the SLA. She and several others had escaped and began traveling around the country to avoid capture. And these people aren't just a bunch of nuts....I want to get out of here but the only way I'm going to do it is if we do it their way. The defense of Hearst was headed by F. Lee Bailey and his associate Albert Johnson. The building went up in flames; six members of the SLA died in the blaze, including DeFreeze. In 1974, 19-year-old UC student Patty Hearst, granddaughter of California publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped from the Benvenue Avenue apartment she shared with her fiancé.

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