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Plumbing Supplies - DIY & Trade - Bathroom & Tile Showroom - Open 7 days a week. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. ���Q!LM:��4�q�G�Ϯxh$�6� � :�M��`����iZ�����c#���2R�F��9�KH�`8ы�$6R�o��b#C�[�##�sm�1��V����F�׎�w u�J3 �{*X�1�9pL`�̠�`^��� ��p�)� P�t�-{�j_V�i�@���8�i6f��8L�!�n � " Discover plumbing, heating, cooling, drainage and mechanical supplies at trade prices with Wolseley. �cWȱ�9�+:@X &��a�`z ��Xl�n�A2 By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. By using you agree to our use of cookies as described in our, + FREE DELIVERY TO MOST OF THE UK ON ORDERS OVER £499**, Search for your address using your post code, Your details are protected in accordance with our. Gross Internal Area * Freehold for Sale * Total site area of 0.96 Acres Suitable for a number of uses STP * Offers in excess of £575,000 . H���;O�0�w��;�Co��#U�h$��1 � Request our brand new catalogue, where you'll find all of our incredible products at amazing prices and other useful tips and tools to guide you through to complete your perfect bathroom. This page uses Javascript. The Plumbline. Sign up to the Victorian Plumbing Mailing List to get special offers, giveaways, discounts and news directly to your inbox. Buy your dream bathroom suite online. When possible please phone or e-mail your requirements beforehand to help reduce social contact or if you are a trade customer please register for our new Click and Collect service to make ordering even quicker and safer. /wcsstore7.00.1066.986/WolseleyStorefrontAssetStore/. Request hard copy of our brochure, with a huge choice of bathroom suites, furniture, shower enclosures, baths, accessories and more. fR8�&$���:�(��u{$����G������OqC�/�*�E{��}������ތ��c�kB�=��P���* �(g�j��D2p�1 ;���т2Rk� E�Sס ߨ���"����/\YԁdtEC�D�- ј�OGS�T~=��f���1�o��-&I��F㮏��Fxk����h��i��:�$�x+log���D(K�g��f}`���La����;�4p�'���wۏ� 6Fv���+�졋��O We are fully open and operating safely. Pre Plumb Indirect; Slimline Direct; Slimline Indirect; Thermal Store 2.0; Twin Solar; Gas Boilers. 1��~N�J-�f��&�p��@�����t@� (f�6ٻ����L]�6���ՆZk���lmƬ6�Y�!� kS�֐��C��֐��C�x�!| �u6 ???SEARCH_AUTO_SUGGEST_CACHED_ACCE_REGION? Thousands of products. Find Out More. h�b```a``*c`g`p�� ̀ �@V �b�h:���qⳆ $*A�>׸@�� �,��c�;>� @� �I#T������� ECO RF Combi; HRE System; Rapid System; Rapid Combi; Heat Pumps. ft. (881.18 sq. 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A leading UK provider of refrigeration and air-conditioning supplies. 30 day money back guarantee. Giving you more to grow your business.For TRADE professionals. 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