11 Appearances https://powerrangers.fandom.com/wiki/Trent_Fernandez-Mercer?oldid=952678, Unnamed Biological Parents (both deceased), When the Super Mega Rangers became the Dino Rangers while fighting. Power Ranger Super Megaforce Morpher Ranger Key Set - Dino Thunder Bundle. These other abilities included: the shield's second mode, called the Sword of Triumph (which was basically just the shield with a blade bit extended, like on a Swiss Army knife), and the power to transport the Triassic Ranger and his opponent into another reality.

Aside from their mundane appearance, they also have lasers that can be shot out of their headlights. Drago Morpher - Trent stumbled into Mesogog's lab through an Invisiportal where he found a Dino Gem, which transformed into the Drago Morpher. He took the eggs back to his laboratory in his house's basement and began to tame them. The Battlizer armor gives Triassic Ranger super stretch arms and legs, a Mezodon faced shield, lightning fast agility, super fire power, a dragon yo-yo attack, and shoulder cannons, which fire massive amounts of energy. Dino Thunder

Super Dino Mode Dino Rangers The most utilized one is the Wave Strike, which Tommy uses to create a giant wave when the Thundersaurus Megazord combines with the Stegozord. Bandai Power … After that, Anton took him in and gave him a life. Unnamed Biological Parents (both deceased) Rangers to battle the united forces of Zeltrax and Emperor Gruumm. Despite being introduced early in the season, they were only rarely used, due to them being made obsolete by the Raptor Cycles just two episodes after their first appearance. Family Members PR Rivals Wave Goodbye Episode 12: White Thunder Part 2 Trent then continued his job as a waiter and started painting comics. ―Trent Fernandez-Mercer[src] Episode 25: Tutenhawken's Curse Dino Thunder "I got no problem with that" The White Ranger had the ability to Camouflage, Super Speed, and Super Dino Mode. He teamed up with the Omega Ranger and joins his team when forming the Z-Rex Blaster to help the S.P.D.

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Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 35: Wormhole Both have used weapons with multiple uses. 9 Behind the scenes Dino Thunder Dino Charger Episode 29: Isn't it Lava-ly It is called the Dragozord because the name would reference flying dragons, not only just to reference the Dragonzord. He gained their trust back after telling them why he kept it from him and after he saved Conner from a monster. PR Sixth Ranger Trent spied on Mesogog only to learn that he had split himself from Dr. Mercer. 3 Personality It is powered by the Black Dino Gem. morphing call instead of "Dino Thunder, Power Up!" Trent possessed tragic past, as he lost his biological parents in the childhood and was adopted by kind Anton Mercer. In the Dino Thunder/ S.P.D. Episode 33: In Your Dreams Seen during the events of Grid Connection.

Raptor Riders are able to easily scale walls, jump buildings, and run at speeds that even the rangers in their morphed state could not reach; however, the speed at which they could run still paled in comparison to those of the ranger Raptor Cycles.

Legendary Rangers PR Villains When Trent returned in Dimensions in Danger, his Ranger suit had a white neck when it should be black. Episode 24: A Ranger Exclusive The White Dino Ranger Key is Trent's personal Ranger Key. Following the final battle, Trent is revealed to be going to art school in the fall and his father is perfectly happy with it. Episode 34: Drawn into Danger However, Trent's clone was destroyed in. He told the other Rangers that if he gave him the Gems, he could open up an invisi-portal for them so that they could destroy his lab. Then Trent discovered White Dino Gem in his father's laboratory and became White Dino Ranger. Legendary Battle, Trent, along with Gemma, Gia, Rocky, and T.J., morphing to help fight Draven's army, Trent is seen being captured along with Rocky DeSantos, Katherine Hillard, T.J. Johnson, Antonio Garcia and Gia Moran by Lord Draven in order to create the army of Robo Rangers. Trent used the Drago Sword, which could draw laser arrows, while Tommy used the Dragon Dagger, which served as a flute that could summon the Dragonzord. Their helmets roar, the patterns on their suits transform into spiked armor, and their strength increases greatly. It is not true invisibility (which is Tommy's Dino power), but it is close enough.

Rangers thought Trent lost his kind side and couldn't redeem himself. o them mistrusting him again when they found out. However, the Gem had a mind of its own, due to Mesogog and Elsa's reconstruction of its powers, transforming Trent deliberately whenever it wants. Episode 23: A Star is Torn Episode 28: The Passion of Connor Power Rangers Dino Thunder Brachio Morpher & Dimetrozord Blue Face Plate & Strap. Male PR Rangers Episode 6: Diva in Distress It has the ability to fire laser arrows, all of which explode on impact. He would later be succeeded in this record by fellow Sixth Ranger Robo Knight, then Super Megaforce Silver Ranger, and then, all five Beast Morphers Rangers. Drago Morpher - Trent stumbled into Mesogog's lab through an Invisiportal where he found a Dino Gem, which transformed into the Drago Morpher. When he was suspected of being a traitor, Trent was to be eliminated by the Life Extractor. Homeworld:

Five Dino Gems of different colors (red, blue, yellow, black, and white) were found. The White Dino Ranger is one of the Rangers that represent the Dino Rangers for the Dino Thunder Dino Charger, released as part of a special set of Dino Charger Power Packs. Appearances: DT Episode 11-16, 18, 20-22, 24-28, 30-32, 34-38, Secondary RangersOmega Ranger • Guardian of the Hall of Legends Tiger Shadow Ranger • White Ranger Clone, Power SetsWhite Ranger • White Aquitar Ranger • White Wild Force Ranger • White Dino Ranger • Omega RangerWhite Mystic Ranger • Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger • Ninja Steel White White Ranger (movie). Episode 10: Ocean Alert PR Dino-themed Rangers At first Trent was shy, timid and gloomy young man. Other than Super Dino Mode and the power to morph into Ranger form, Trent's Dino Gem, the White Dino Gem, gives him other powers as well. However personality of his father interrupted and Trent was freed and gained control over Dino Morpher, obtaining the chance to turn to the side of good. Legendary Battle Both fought the Rangers as a villain throughout numerous episodes before becoming good due to both having Sentai counterparts that started off as bad before joining the team. It is powered by the Black Dino Gem. Trent also possessed romantic relationships with Kira. In the final battle with Mesogog and Zeltrax Trent battled alongside his friends and voluntarily lost his powers to help destroy Mesogog once and for all. Then Trent decided to destroy Mesogog, but Zeltrax framed Trent and Mesogog decided to kill Trent. The Brachio Morpher is a morpher device consisting of connecting two parts to it, like the Turbo Morpher. Biography Trent returned with his fellow Dino Rangers while Dr. O fought with his old team as the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger as part of the army of Legendary Rangers that helped the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers.

However, Trent's clone was destroyed in Strange Relations and his clone never had a human form throughout all of his appearances. 7 Legendary Ranger Devices Jeffrey Parazzo During the draining process, Mesogog turned back into Dr. Anton Mercer who moved the drain device away from Trent, causing the energy to reflect off of things in the lab and land back into the Morpher with an explosion causing the evil in the Dino Gem to be destroyed yet leaving the White Ranger power still active. At first, the White Ranger worked as a loner, doing whatever he wanted with no one's help until he partnered with Mesogog's team. The Dino Power Ultra Blaster was formed through the combination of the Dino Charge Rangers' Dino Spike and Gold Ptera Saber, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Power Blaster and the Dino Thunder Rangers' Z-Rex Blaster, by laying each formation on top of one another. Legendary Ranger Devices Episode 30: Strange Relations

The Tricera Shield is the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger's personal weapon. Stegozord Episode 11: White Thunder Part 1 White Ranger Color(s):

However, the Gem had a mind of its own, due to Mesogog and Elsa's reconstruction of its powers, transforming Trent deliberately whenever it wants.

Trent helped the other Dino Rangers, even with them don't trust him at first, per his father's request. Trent possessed tragic past, as he lost his biological parents in the childhood and was adopted by kind Anton Mercer. They can also be used to summon the Dino Zords or communicate with each other and/or Hayley. White Ranger Power

His biological parents were killed in an archaeological cave-in as they worked on a dig with Mercer several years before Trent moved to Reefside. Dino Stegazord

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