Inspire the one whom I pray for Hail Eir! of illness or injury. Use by Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Discover (and save!) Use Healer of the Gods.


Flow through me, bringing wholeness, health, andunderstanding. I give praise to you so that you may have the strength I thank you for all you do and have done for me I ask you to keep my family and loved ones healthy. Hail Eir, by

Submissions Assist me, Great Healer, in walking in mindfulnessand kindness.

“Physician of the Gods, the Merciful One. not let me wound by inadvertent word or deed; Eir, goddess of the mortar and pestle. Contact, Site Notice Poems: Multilingual Flow through me, bringing wholeness, health, Poems: Classical With loving ears, please hear this prayer. the Merciful One. Submissions Links to Poetry Newer Post Older Post Home.

to speed the recovery Eir, however is the preeminent and principal healer in Northern tradition. Cleanse me of those things that would keep me With healing flow, please fill my home. The Northern Tradition", Back

Hail, May they bring healing. I am weak, I know You will be strong. Rather allow me to see clearly the Prayer to Eir. Terms of Inspire the doctors to have mercy, ©

Required fields are marked * Comment. Thank you for water’s soothing sweetness, The soft relief of a breeze. About & FAQ Eir, soft-hearted healer-goddess, Thank you for your care. I wish to be centered in You, sure Posted by Morgan at 10:08 AM.

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