It's about 72,000 now. Not sure where to go from here. It has gradually come back up. When asked at dealer they said it is kept for safety :mod: and can't change the the way it behaves.While going for long drive it doesn't feel good. Is there a fuse for these?

I'll check the new one in a year, may regrease , cleaning it out to try to prevent this from happening again. I have a 2010 prius and my driver main controls don't work. Owner of a brand new '13 Prius C Two. Normally for me, it's around 38 to 40. My 05 has a problem with the recirculate and defrost buttons on the wheel. However, my gut keeps telling me it could be an issue with the radio itself. Ford - Explorer :: 2002 - Steering Wheel Controls Quit Working?

2008 Gen 2. Techsteam reports "B1504 Lost Communication with Steering SW" I believe the problem is a bad connection on TX1 line from Steering wheel CPU to Combination meter. I have the "four" package so there's a blank spot on the right side where the radar cruise and lane assist controls would be, and I would kill to have the three driving mode buttons right there for easy switching while driving around town. The 12 volt battery has been checked and is good at 12.4 volts and there is no malfunction lights or codes set in the system.

The button feels the same as it ever did. Radio wiring harness?

Prius C :: How To Remove Steering Wheel Controls, Prius (2004-09) :: Some Of The Steering Wheel Controls Are Not Working, Prius Plug-in 2012-15 :: Steering Wheel Controls Dim.

Sometimes it will do nothing, and other times it works normal changing from outside air to recirculate.

I have a 2003 Passat W8 with the Monsoon system and today I had a new problem pop up with it. At first, there was a delayed response when using the Info button.

It's called an airbag clock spring. Background (not sure if it's relevant): My car was in the body shop for 13 days. I don't know what to do!!! I have a question on my '00 7.3. I connect my iPhone 5 via Bluetooth; it works wonderfully.
Prius C :: How To Remove Steering Wheel Controls, Gen 2 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: Dim Steering Wheel Controls.

If it wasn't the body shop, I am hoping to have it covered by the Prius Chat platinum warranty. The right side of my (2011 level II) steering wheel has five buttons: Trip, Dist, air recirc, temp +/-.

When presenting this to the body shop or the Toyota agency, i would like to be as informed as possible about what the possibilities are.The problem is that some of the steering wheel controls are not working. Most will agree it would be nice if the steering wheel controls were brighter. Had problems turning cruise on would have to press buttons 3 / 4 times to work now nothing. I would really like to get this to work. What to check?

On our 2007 turbo diesel auto santa fe the audio controls first and now the cruise has stopped. Is there any way that I can verify the control unit is at fault.
Radio wiring harness?

i want to know if i should take it back to the body shop and ask them to check it, or, if it's not likely to have been caused by the body work, then i'll just take it to the Toyota agency. I just recently started having trouble with the cruise control on my 2007 Chevy Malibu.Last weekend, I went on an 800 mile trip (cruising most of the time) but stopped to have the tires rotated and balanced, and my oil changed halfway through (I was up for an oil change anyway). What's perplexing about this is that I've changed nothing on the iPhone overnight. I got it back on 8/24. I have to manually go through the folders on my phone to cue up what I want to play. The replacement was easier than I expected, the steering wheel was not actually very tight, I doubt I needed the steering wheel puller I 'borrowed' from the parts store , could have just loosed the main nut, wiggled and tugged it loose. I was recently on a road trip, using my cruise control extensively (like usual) when it just quit working. I can still use the handset controls to make phone calls; I have speed dials set up, and using my iPhone 5 as a phone in the car works great.What stopped working this morning: skipping tracks using either the "Seek" button on the Prius radio itself as well as the controls on the steering wheel. Prius (Gen 3) :: Customize Steering Wheel Controls? Prius C (Audio/Electronics) :: 2013 - Steering Wheel Controls Stopped Working? No check engine light. I checked the fuses and they are ok. My next thought is the control unit has quit working. I connect my iPhone 5 via Bluetooth; it works wonderfully. I don't think it's the stalk.

Owner of a brand new '13 Prius C Two.

When the wheel buttons are acting up the MFD will control both the recirculate and defrost functions normally so I don't think the MFD is the problem.

It's never worked since.

In 1970 I bought one of the first Chevrolet Blazers.

Is that sort of thing even technically possible? Climate controls on lower right hand of steering wheel stopped working. Some of my controls on the steering wheel are not working. This might allow me to stop using my touch screen controls so much. Is the wiring or wiring harness present for the audio controls?

When I look at my steering wheel at night the buttons are barely lit. If its a bulb,can a brighter one be installed??

Checked that, saw it was a little low, maybe a centimeter, and filled it, but the cruise control still doesn't work. A song or podcast will play; the steering wheel controls for skipping tracks does not work; same with the Seek button on the radio itself; and pressing the pause/play button works, but not immediately after depressing it. The ruck is a 2002 Ex limited v10 4x4. I knew that I wanted an other 2 door Blazer, but they quit making them in 1995.

Wiring? I'm looking to take it to the dealer, but I'd like to be better informed with what I may be dealing with before I get there. I tried to reset to a lower speed, but it would rev itself back up to the original speed. My 07 Prius has developed a problem and i would like to get opinions about whether the problem could've been caused by the body work I had done a week before. Cruise light does not even light on dash.

I have a question regarding the HUD display and the steering wheel audio controls. Brightness control does not seem to affect the steering wheel. Some of the buttons on the right side of the steering wheel are not responding.

Had problems turning cruise on would have to press buttons 3 / 4 times to work now nothing. Same with the steering wheel controls; as long as I'm not trying to control the iPhone, it works fine. It has aftermarket stereo , not sure if wiring from that would affect cruise control as well as radio controls. I tried to check on the fuse thing, but was unable to find anything related to the steering wheel.

I then bought one from the dealer and installed it last week and very happily have all symptoms fixed! Is that a simple fuse swap or a take it to the dealer type fix? Could be the BCM or the instrument cluster. Takes a few seconds.The only way to skip ahead/backward is on the iPhone itself.For the almost 2 months I've owned the Prius C, this is the first time this has happened.

If I get the same audio controls that are on Elantras with bluetooth will they work?

I just noticed this the other day. I just noticed this the other day. Mine just quit on me. I've read the manual many times...and I know it was this way too in a previous Passat I had. I wonder if this is a coincidence or if the programming messed up the wheel.

However, the cruise control on the other side works as well as the rest of the computer to the left of the speedometer. I can't seem to find any blown fuses in the fusebox..

The Info button does not work, and the climate related buttons on the bottom get no response. Prius (2004-09) :: Defroster Buttons On Steering Wheel Not Working.
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