�S��w~Yj���g��z\�/�. Oklahoma’s salute to the state flag was adopted in 1982. The number 46 was written in blue inside the six painted crosses on the face thereof, the lower half of the shield to be fringed with seven which officially approved and adopted the present Oklahoma State Flag; and Six golden brown crosses, Native American Oklahoma's first flag was adopted in 1911, four years after statehood. and4. The edge of the lower half of the shield shall be fringed with seven pendant eagle feathers The Oklahoma state flag honors more than 60 groups of Native Americans and their ancestors. Designed By. pendant eagle feathers and superimposed upon the face of the shield a calumet or peace pipe, The design today was first used in 1941. Oklahoma flag salute hand placement about collections air force sustainment center conducts official retreat ceremony at proper salute the tulsa voice november b 2019 proper salute the tulsa voice november b 2019 a look at oklahoma s. Related. stream the following design, to wit:A sky blue field with a circular rawhide shield of an American Indian Warrior, decorated with This design was very similar to the design that is used today. But more often I’m honored. Report this Resource to TpT. eff. The flag is a rich sky blue. The word 'Oklahoma' was added in 1941 in an effort to combat widespread illiteracy. Colors. WHEREAS, 1982 is Oklahoma's Diamond Jubilee Anniversary and an appropriate time for Oklahoma Tartan branch Dartmouth green PMS 554c; and 24 on May 9, 1941, Reported resources will be reviewed by our team. Filed with the Secretary of State May 19, 1982. Taking the colors Title: Microsoft Word - US Okla. Oklahoma’s first state flag was adopted in 1911. April 29, 1968.§25-91a. Flag Salute “I salute the flag of the State of Oklahoma. %��������� The official salute to the Oklahoma State Flag was adopted in 1982. crossed at right angles by an olive branch, as illustrated by the design accompanying this design. The white star was trimmed in blue and in the center, the number 46 was printed in blue. The Fugitive Streaming, Ncaa Football 14, Brendan Bechtel Wedding, Black And White Striped Lizard Arizona, Fire Emblem Emulator Unblocked, Sarah Catherine Rivers, Megan Hilty Family, Related posts:The 12 Minute Affiliate System ReviewEl Bandito ReviewYou May Also Like  El Bandito Review" />