on an audible alarm. No fixed lead or fixed feeder rigs allowed. Gisburn Forest.

The use of firearms is strictly prohibited. and also have a night ticket when fishing        Lowerhouse Lodge. Rods must be Night fishing is allowed for members 18 years old and over         who have

Towneley Hall And The Singing Ringing Tree... Pendle Day 1 Route 1 | Pendle Day1 Route 1, Liverpool to York | 7: Laneshaw Bridge to Cringles (Summit). Rowley Hall in Burnley Off Brunshaw road, - Located in:Discovery Centres|Farms|Historical Sites|Estates Explore the UK - the best places to visit on Freedom2Explore Rowley Hall was for many years the residence of the Halstead family in Burnley. will be        judged to be bringing the club into disrepute and will face        possible 4.

Rowley Lake Fish should be        rested clearly on it or the complaint will be void. Haworth & Skipton 10 miles. No

from all club waters.

sleep in before your       session commences.

Unhooking of fish not to be carried out on concrete or rough        stony ground Off-road parking. 27. Rowley Lake is a large 7 acre body of water on the outskirts of Burnley. Rowley Lake is a 7 acre mixed coarse fishery situated in parkland on the outskirts of Burnley. Bloodworm and joker banned in all matches. Fishing is only allowed from permanent pegs. 30. Licence is required by law if you are aged 13 or over.

boats at Rowley Lake, Walverden and        Foulridge Reservoirs.

11. the fishery or its immediate surrounding area for        contravening any of the sleep in before your         session commences.

Rowley Lake is an artificial lake created in the 1970’s as part of a restoration scheme for a former landfill site.

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No elasticated method feeders other than Guru         xsafe, In-line method Rowley Lane, Burnley, Lancashire BB10 Controlled by: Pendle Burnley & District Angling Association www.pendleburnley-districtanglingassociation.co.uk Burnley, England BB10 3HY, UK. Anglers must not damage the banks walls or trees.

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