As a result, Ryotaro falls into a trap set up by Kai to keep him from Airi, with Kintaros and Urataros sacrificing themselves so Ryotaro can return to the present.
After a night out on the town while possessed by Urataros, Ryotaro awakes to find himself in the home of a strange woman named Yumi Saitō.

Upon moving to Sakata, Yamagata to teach as a part of the JET Programme in 2012, Broad decided to vlog about some of his experiences as a foreigner living in the rural Tōhoku region. Miura believes that Ryotaro is being possessed by evil spirits, and in an attempt to hypnotize the boy, he accidentally awakens an Imagin hidden deep inside Ryotaro. When Ryotaro returns to the present, he finds the Milk Dipper completely changed as in this time line, Airi and Sakurai had never met. But eventually, when Ryotaro meets Airi's past self, she is revealed to have known about Sakurai obtaining the ZeroLiner and the identity of the Junction Point: their daughter Hana. He often has an emotionless or angry expression on his face when he says this. Fujishiro offers Airi a way to get rid of her massive debt: becoming his wife. He refuses to accept self-sacrifice as the only means to protect others. They are the lying Casanova Urataros, the herculean and narcoleptic Kintaros, and the childish yet strong Ryutaros. Naomi arrives with the DenLiner, bringing Urataros, Kintaros, and Sieg to the present time to join Ryotaro and company. He goes to say goodbye to Yūsuke, but he is interrupted by the Scorpion Imagin's second attempt to bring Shiori to his contractor. When Yuto arrives to see the state of the Milk Dipper, he and Ryotaro talk about the debt, with Ryotaro worried that Fujishiro might remind Airi of the Sakurai they knew, to which Yuto is indifferent. Gigandeath Hades (ギガンデスハデス, Gigandesu Hadesu), and the behemoth Gigandeath Hell (ギガンデスヘル, Gigandesu Heru).
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