HeliGuy.com Yea I think that Black Angel looks pretty impressive for Copter X being a new co.as such!! Hope you can help me with that. My interest is not in 3D and insane maneuvers, but scale flight, and I've used a vacuform Huey body on some of those micros. Electric retracts in a 600 size Funkey Bell 222? Also, I'm all electric, so gas scale is of limited use to me. Giant Sikorsky HH-52 Seaguard Helicopter first flight. getsuyoubi. myHOME PM pmRR MEMBERS 177 ONLINE 2 EVENTS SEARCH REGISTER START HERE. Scale Helicopter Main Discussion.

Copyright © 2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. I can't afford to waste my time on a forum where the real experts are muzzled by a profit … contactless version of KST BLS815 released. Which is bigger 1/4 scale jet ranger or 1/3 scale rotoway from vario, Indy Helis 1/7 Apache AH64-A work in progress. is very good friend that got me Fat the revo is bad A*& fast tons of fun. Would you like to react to this message? myHOME PM pmRR MEMBERS 160 ONLINE 2 EVENTS SEARCH REGISTER START HERE. FLAWLESSLY for me on the
Full Scale Heli threads go in OT please Brushed/Brushless motors, speed controls, gear drives, Ask the Expert Sal - Electric Airplane Advice, Electric RC Gliders, Sailplanes and Hotliners, Century - Predator, Hawk IV, Falcon, Raven, Glow Engines, Gas Engines, Fuel & Mfg Support Forums, Engine Manufacturers Direct Support Forum, Giant Sikorsky HH-52 Seaguard Helicopter first flight, Westland Wasp 1960s Anti-Submarine Helicopter, Roban BELL UH-1N Rescue (with onboard views), Roban HH-60 Jayhawk US Coast Guard Scale Helicopter. Has anyone tried it? 323. and the forum in general is a fantastic resource for anyone HeliFreak Pin Drop Map version 2.0--Find a member near you! involved in Model Helicopters in Our Motto is Fun, Learning, Friendship and Mutual Respect. 137 ️Scale Helicopter Events.
There is in fact only one '3D dedicated' sub forum, that's the one titled '3D Electric Heli Flying'. 9-year old daughter Breanna Beautiful helicopter. They look pretty sweet!! There are several forums here open to scale helis. Trying to find scale info is not easy. you can see my posts (You have do away with the receiver Tony RunRyder: RunRyder: Home › Scale › ️Aircraft › Scale Heli › Vario Scale Helicopters. Most of the scale threads in the fuel category are electric powered. Forum Search: Topic Starter: Reply: View: Last Post: 0 Looking for a Vario … Full Scale Heli threads go in OT please to two Spectrum/JR diversity By logging into your account, you agree to our. forum where the real experts I love that color scheme on that 500 fuselage.

it posted on his website I plan to eventually install a scale fuse on my Belt CP, so good to know we have someone with some experience. and also, there is a thread on

flies better than both of us Last Post. have become addicted to Scale It actually takes a lot of skill, and discipline to fly in a convincing, scale like manner. REVO 3.3 I wanted something my 14 yr. old daughter could run.. Don't think she will ever fly. I was going to one them a few yaers back but things didnt work out. Mechanics?). That's right, the 120SR and mSR can get wild. some little known but excellent Anyway, often to "make this one little never met, but his definitive
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