I mentioned the Bon Ton Gavotte briefly and unflatteringly a couple of months ago in the context of its possible appearance on an 1894 dance card. throughout. My first American source for the dance was, unsurprisingly, M. B. Gilbert's Round Dancing (Portland, Maine, 1890), which collected a wide assortment of the couple dances of the 1870s and 1880s.

The Schottische is one of the oldest of all dances, one of the most fundamental | |     Hop, swinging R foot forward "Caprice" on a dance card might refer specifically to the mazurka-like Caprice (or Caprice Schottische) described by M. B. Gilbert in Round Dancing (Portland, Maine, 1890) or to one of the occasional named caprices.


Much to my astonishment, the answer in this case seems to be yes. I am apparently fated to try to make sense of it.


  La Franco-Russe is another of the short French schottische-based sequences of the late nineteenth-century France. It's not clear to me what choreographic or musical trait, if any, distinguishes a caprice from a schottische, but I have found more than a dozen examples of them on New England dance cards from the mid-1880s into the 1890s. But there are problems with the traveling turn as well. Of the dance's name, Gilbert complains that: This does not stop him for long. The variation itself is negligible, but fitting it in among related schottisches of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century is interesting. The five-step schottische was not E. Woodworth Masters' only choreographic effort.

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