It’s also more than acceptable to discuss how you’re still a work in progress and mention the areas you’d like to continue improving on. And while you should aim to submit secondaries within two weeks after receiving them, this is not required. These terms, especially when used repeatedly or inappropriately, can be cliché and come off as dishonest.

My name is [Your Name}, and I am currently completing my med school applications. You might want to use the next couple of weeks to relax. Remember, the people reading your applications are humans.

If admissions committees see that you haven’t completed all parts of the prompt, or that you’ve crossed the limit or format guidelines, it’s an automatic red flag. Writing about a topic you can’t speak in depth about might lead to trouble on multiple fronts.

Instead of telling stories that aren’t yours, focus on challenges you might have faced in a unique passion or avocation. The medical school application process is notoriously cutthroat. This is not a poetry competition and neither are you studying for the SAT. You will be competing against brilliant students who have versatile stories to tell. If you have, you’ll have an obvious topic to discuss, but a significant difficulty alone doesn’t make a great essay. While there’s no way to figure out the secondary essay prompts in advance for all your schools, you can generate tailored, well-written essays far more easily if you go ahead and tackle traditional essay topics. I am eager to embrace more personal growth and realize my full potential as I continue on to medical school. Ron had suffered two prior strokes and was wheelchair-bound and hemiplegic. I’m a passionate helper, an open-minded extrovert, and a curious explorer of the world. Don’t take this for granted!
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