[45][46][47] She qualified as the second reserve to the uneven bars final, but did not compete. 1972: Sowjetunion 1955 Olga Korbut | [47], Johnson was one of two female athletes to appear on AOL's 100 most searched females on the Internet for 2009, ranked 27th. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Bei den US-Meisterschaften gewann sie erneut den Titel im Mehrkampf. [57], Johnson was also on the top of most appealing athletes on E-score Celebrity metric in 2010,[58] and she was ranked seventh of America's Favorite Female Sports Stars on Harris Interactive in 2010. Shawn Johnson heart has beaten around: 1,075,576,333 times (approx.) [8] Through 2008, Johnson maintained a more balanced lifestyle than typical of elite female gymnasts.

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Free Jump Mount (A); flip flop two-feet (B) + flip flop two-feet (B) + Layout two-feet (E); Front Pike (E); Full Twisting Tuck Back (F); Switch Split Leap (C) + Layout step-out (C) + Back Pike; Switch Leap with 1/4 turn to straddle (Johnson) (C); Split Jump (A) + Pike Jump (A) + Back Tuck (C); Full Turn with leg held at horizontal (C); Sideward Roll Tucked (B); Round-off (B) + Tucked Full-In Dismount (G). [68], Following Johnson's World Championship performances in 2007, Governor Chet Culver of Iowa proclaimed October 17 "Shawn Johnson Day" in the state. Johnston weighs 68 kgs with a robust personality. American gymnast Shawn Johnson was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1992. [89][98] The television special also featured singers Jesse McCartney, Kenny Loggins, and Grammy Award singers Cyndi Lauper and Carole King. Capricorn Gymnast #2. At age 6, Johnson was one of Liang Chow's first students when he opened a gymnastics school in West Des Moines, and he would go on to coach Johnson for nearly two decades as a competitive gymnast. (May 20, 2009), and Entertainment Tonight (23 episodes). [26], Johnson became a senior in 2007 and continued to show new skills, including a double-twisting double layout dismount off the uneven bars. Somit ist sie mit 17 Jahren die bisher jüngste Gewinnerin der Show. 1958: Larissa Latynina | Shawn Johnson has slept around: 88,192 … In 2005, Chow sent the National Team Coordinator, Marta Karolyi, a video of Johnson with the comment "I believe this kid will help the U.S. Johnson is also the 2007 all-around World Champion, and a five-time Pan American Games gold medalist, winning the team titles in 2007 and 2011, as well as titles in the all-around, uneven bars, and balance beam in 2007. Shawn Johnson was born on January 19, 1992 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA as Shawn Machel Johnson. Born on January 19, 1992, in Des Moines, Iowa, Shawn Johnson is the only child of parents Doug and Teri Johnson.

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