Lutheranism was founded in Germany, whereas Anglicanism started in England with Henry’s Act of Supremacy. Luther started the whole movement based on the idea that every man should be able to understand every word in his church.


Again, misuse of the word “whereas”.

The consecration in 2003 of an openly gay, partnered bishop in the U.S. Episcopal Church widened the divide between Anglicanism and Rome and opened rifts within Anglicanism itself, leading some Anglicans to petition Rome for a process to become Catholic while maintaining the liturgy and tradition of Anglicanism. For example, the idea of confession and absolution for a Lutheran is that the father confessor says “Dost thou believe that my forgiveness is the forgiveness of God?”[5] Instead of the Roman Catholic idea that a Priest has been ordained with powers to forgiving sins as an ‘alter Christus’ (another Christ),[6] in the Lutheran model the father confessor plays more of the role of witness or administrator of God’s forgiveness for the persons belief in Christ. Lutheranism was founded by Martin Luther, and Anglicanism was founded by King Henry. Anglicans are inspired by the Catechism, whereas LCMS Lutherans are inspired and inerrant, but ELCA Lutherans are inspired but not inerrant. No one had Lutherans’ doctrine is based upon the Bible, whereas Anglicans’ doctrine basis is the church father, the gospel and the scriptures. Jilani. I don’t know if the problem is that you’re not a native speaker, or just don’t know what you’re talking about. Lutherans: Lutherans are the followers of Martin Luther, the German Monk who introduced reforms to the Roman Catholic Church in 1521, in the form of The 95 Theses. [11] The Reformed, led by Ulfric Zwingli in Zurich, went as far as drowning and expelling the Anabaptist. Luther wanted to reform the Church from within and did not desire a separation. I guess there are no shortcuts to wisdom. Anglicans: Anglican is said to be a Christian who is a member of the Anglican Church or rather the Anglican Communion. However, these differences don’t apply to all Anglicans or all Lutherans, and it really is down to whether or not they got rid of the pews and replaced them with chairs, and replaced the kneeling benches with nothing at all.
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