AVAILABLE NOW FOR $4.99. ", likely referencing said similarities in their situation, likely as a concept akin to Yin and Yang. Telling the truth will result in D.O.O.P. If The Player chooses to spare Taylor and kill Anna, the Simulacra will have Anna stand by a ledge, and will tell The Player to persuade Taylor to push Anna off of the ledge, killing her. This article features spoilers for SIMULACRA, Simulacra: Pipe Dreams, and SIMULACRA 2. The Rippleman is the main antagonist and Simulacrum of Simulacra 2. -Detective Murilo, describing The Rippleman. AVAILABLE NOW FOR $4.99. If The Player says "Will I see you again?" IRIS OS is the only thing that made it's way to Simulacra from Sara Is Missing. Murilo referred to them as "creatures" in Simulacra 2. In "SIMULACRA 2" Edit. The Simulacra states that it resides in a hyper-realistic dimension, where pretending to be someone else is how they eradicate "worms", or people who are "unworthy" of being a part of this reality. It probably is a major entity that appeared for a fusion between all simulacrums till now and the assimilated victims, that's why it uses the We/us pronouns in the dialogues. It is voiced by Gavin Yap. Sara is Missing, SIMULACRA, SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams, SIMULACRA 2. Then, the 3 kids will call with Arya's phone, and after being able to finish the call, the screen cracks and cuts to a dialogue with The Rippleman, who will try to stop the player from deleting the 3 Kimera accounts, in which it fails. Multiple times, the Simulacra states "I am her as she is me. Detective Murilo and his military team will still get there too late for Mina, though. It is actually revealed that no one but Maya took the deal before her death. They will give the player a chance to reshape reality to Detective Murilo, and the player can tell him that the person who took the deal killed Maya or tell him the truth that Maya herself took the deal and that was the reason she died. Before your conversation with the Rippleman, you can accuse one of the three (Arya, Mina or Rex) that they took the deal. We can see the need of a host again in SIM2, where the Rippleman asks the player if they can be its new host. ", referring to Anna. ", IRIS - It will say "I ASKED FOR YOUR NAME!". Simulacra Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. If you reshape reality by convincing Murilo one of them did it, his team will apprehend the rest of the alive friends and interrogate them. It is voiced by Lee Min Hui. 11, 13, and (possibly) a 14 version, 11.5 version (Pipe Dreams) as well. ", Simulacra/Simulacrum - It will say "It is not you, and you are not it. It also influences The Player to invite friends to Flapee Bird. Abadon All Hope For the end you have to make sure that Taylor does not trust you or you betray him. Website: iris.os (Can only be accessed in SIMULACRA).
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