Character Design, Skechers, ELASTIKA 2. With a dozen Colonels in the multiverse, it is likely we’ll see them again.

Just a year after Superman’s introduction in Action Comics #1, he joined a young “everyboy” named Tim on several adventures. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Together they fight off mutant monsters that arise while dealing with their own teenage problems, including school, friends, and feelings. Ellie later ends up getting captured by Ronson as part of a "Divide and Conquer" scheme to eliminate Zevo-3. With a name based on Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and a design concept lifted from Captain America, Sprocket Man was born to give children, and eventually, all people biking safety tips. Pencil, Photoshop color. As Elastika, in addition to super-strength, resilience, and flight, Ellie has prehensile hair: She can use her hair to grasp, lift, and manipulate objects of just about any size, sort of like tentacles or pseudopods. Grams, Matt, and Ellie hold them off while Jason does some spying and discovers a connection between Ronson, Jason's parents and Stankfoot. I was contacted by an art studio to redesign a few characters for their client, Skechers Sneakers. KFC has had several people take up the mantle of Colonel, including Reba McEntire, who is represented in the series, which ties several continuities together in an interesting way. There were plenty of other things going on in the books, such as the etiquette lessons, but overall it was about sales. STR = Strength, AGI = Agility, STA = Stamina, and INT = Intelligence. Ronson throws a party for the families of New Eden City. These color selections are primarily my own, and do not represent the official version of the character.

While the owner of a store helps him to figure it how, Stankfoot creates a companion called Dark Materia to rule by his side but ends up creating someone crazier & more power hungry than he is. I figured the stretchy hairbands should resemble shoelaces, keeping with the whole Skechers sneaker motif. Evidently, the character's name was The Incredible Elastika and she was used as part of a promotion for Skechers in 2008. The Fresh Men are the newest super kids on the block, introduced in 2019 as a collaboration between Marvel comics and Axe Body Spray. Character Design, Skechers, ELASTIKA 2. However, here are some characters that were introduced as product placements or awareness campaigns, ranging from cool to downright weird. The trio of superheroes, Z-Strap, Elastika & Kewl Breeze, must stop a mass of Zevo infected earth worms from destroying the city. You can’t watch a music video without being bombarded by Beats by Dre or a television show like The Walking Dead without seeing multiple car shots.

Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. The team is made-up of: Galactron (Thomas) who is the team leader.

The characters were all powerhouses and the team seemed like a fun, new idea, but when something is planned exclusively to sell toys that haven’t been made, it doesn’t tend to work out. Pencil, Photoshop color. The core team consisted of Hydro, Misty, Crystal, Ice, Vapor, and X-Stream. A mishap causes a mutant cow and Matt to swap bodies. With the return of Colonel Sunder, the evil Earth-3 counterpart of Colonel Sanders, the chicken fried hero seeks out help from his other counterparts across the multiverse. Their boss is an alien named Telstar, and their primary Villain is a galactic despot called The Under Overloard.

The name sprocket, for those that don’t know, is a reference to the many gears on a bike.

Worst part of hair-powers is all the hair-pulling! While Ellie and Matt try to stop this unstoppable robot, they learn about a possible connection between Jason and the robot from an unexpected source. Comics are no different.

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