The usual name for this chord is an add2 chord, sometimes also called an add9 chord. Go through “Peg” and learn these shapes. [Steely Dan songbook reviews]   Add these newly leaned jazz structures into your own compositions when necessary.

I can’t repeat enough that options are everything, and one jazz chord can take your creativity to a place you only dreamt of going. Take a listen right now and then we’ll learn explore how it’s contracted.

I certainly agree with the statement that this type of chord is always available on piano.

Thanks for posting! How can you blend that subtle mix of jazz harmony into a pop context? [Guitars & music]   As Jazz pianists especially, we are on the never-ending journey for richer and cooler sounding chords. 1. (A study of 9 legendary jazz piano players). Though much less so today, there have been numerous artists who have bridged the gap between pop and jazz with huge commercial success. The A to Z blueprint for jazz improvisation success. Steely Dan Chords. Pls add the correct finger positions to make it easier. Turn it up too! This short lesson is about a type of chord that occurs frequently in Steely Dan songs and that is known to Steely Dan fans as the ‘mu major chord’ or the ‘µ chord‘.

Being able to tastefully use jazz harmony in a pop song is no easy feat.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for, please send to us. F#7#9: (RH: 3- …

Many educated and studied musicians have trouble relating to pop songs because of their lack of harmonic and melodic sophistication. Steve Nixon is the proud owner of The best way to get used to the sound of the mu major chord is by playing the examples described below on a guitar or keyboard.

On the surface it may seem easy but to do it well requires a special type of skill. Mu major is another name for an add 2 chord and is nothing more than a major triad with an added 2: (This type of chord is not the same as a sus2 chord because sus2 chords do not contain a 3rd.

On piano, I like this type of chording, gives a nice, full sound- particularly when playing solo. Also works great with 7th chords, minor chords.

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