Around 3630 BBY, Onderon would be under a political crisis with King Regalun Petryph retreating from Iziz to his secluded Royal Hunting Lodge to avoid the opposition of his noble council. [19], During the reborn Emperor Palpatine's insurrection, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo hid their three young children on Onderon. Iziz (capital)[3] The palace of Iziz was guarded by Paladins. Surik commanded royalist supporters and overran the many Sith and Vaklu-loyal units holding Iziz and the palace. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Sith Empire used this to convince King Petryph to launch an attack on the capital, hoping to use Petryph's attack as a distraction to destroy the Republic fleet in orbit.

Class The Jedi trained the rebels at their base camp set up in the jungles of Onderon, which was soon located by the Droid Army via probe droids. This article needs appropriate citations. Formerly untamed and coarse, many of the wilderness Beast Lords prospered during the several decades since the end of the Great Sith War, thanks to off-world trade going back two generations (marked in the game by Oron Kira's marriage to the Iziz royal house, thus uniting the bloodlines). Inner Rim[1][2] Loremaster of Onderon. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, Owing to the brutal fauna of the world, the earliest encampments were hastily expanded into what would become the only city on the planet, Iziz. Anyone got this achievement? The Rebel Alliance destroyed it in 2 ABY. Onderon, very interestingly, went almost entirely unaffected by the Jedi Civil War. 1 Missions 1.1 Republic 1.1.1 Repeatable Missions 1.2 Empire 2 Appearances 3 External Links The Height of Corporate … 15,190 kilometers[3] Surik swayed the battle in favor of Talia's forces and Vaklu was defeated, surrounded by Talia and many of her followers. Oxygen mix[4]

The Beast Wars finally ended with the death of Naddist Queen Amanoa. This placement seems to defy the original Tales of the Jedi comics, which stated Onderon was on "the other side of the galaxy" from the Stenness Node.

The native Humans of Onderon struggled against the beasts, eventually gathering new technologies and building … Can't believe I hadn't used any of the taxis yet. Yolahn Square, site of the Unifar Temple, the king's residence. Thank you!! One of the high ranking officers, Colonel Tobin, was the general's right hand and a great ally. Leland Chee has confirmed that the Inner Rim location is correct.[21]. It also spanned thousands of square miles.

Moons Sector This battle was one of the first direct military confrontations between Rebel and Imperial forces in the war.

Help us, The Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War.

The native Humans of Onderon struggled against the beasts, eventually gathering new technologies and building a huge walled city, Iziz, to protect themselves.

While his flagship engaged New Republic forces in orbit, the Emperor disguised himself and his bodyguards as pilgrims and tracked down the Solos to Kira Fortress, outside of Iziz. Technology progressed, and the city's population grew to number in the millions. Dxun[3]DagriEvasSuthre Infinite Empire[3]Onderon Royal FamilyGalactic Republic[3]Naddists[3]Mandalorian Crusaders[3]Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders[3]Confederacy of Independent Systems[9][10]Galactic EmpireNew RepublicGalactic Federation of Free Alliances Trade routes In 4400 BBY, Freedon Nadd conquered the planet and established a dark side theocracy. Amanoa's daughter Galia married Oron Kira, the leader of the outcasts, known as the "Beastprince.".

Terrestrial[3] Climate The deal laid to in giving military assistance to the Onderon separatists to overthrow Queen Talia, while Vaklu let the Sith visit Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun. Emperor Palpatine, disguised as a pilgrim, enters Kira Fortress on Onderon in 11 ABY. Flat plains were developed around the city of Iziz, and were considered quite safe, though offworlders were warned not to venture beyond the treeline.
The Republic asked the Jedi to watch over the world. Onderon with its largest moon Dxun and Suthre in the background, as seen from space. Societal information In 1000 BBY, Darth Bane rode to Onderon from Dxun upon a drexl to rendezvous with Darth Zannah after the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. [17] To that end, a rebellion was formed to restore Dendup's rule and to rid Onderon of the Separatist Droid Army. Onderon had four moons. She also states that by leaving the Republic forever, Onderon will preserve its traditions, customs, lore and identity- just as Vaklu and many of his supporters had hoped to do. [12], In 4002 BBY, Onderon first made contact with the Galactic Republic. Remove this notice when finished. The Naddists tried to overthrow Galia, but were foiled by the Jedi and the Republic. Dxun, the primary moon, once orbited very close to the planet, allowing some animals to fly between the planet and the moon.The other three moons were Dagri, Evas and Suthre.. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Gravity

[3], During the time of the revolt against the Eternal Empire, Onderon's newly elected government abandoned the previous administration's efforts to build a self-sufficient biodome beneath the planet's surface.[15]. [13] Vaklu was executed,[14] and Talia began the rebuilding of Onderon. Japrael sector[2] Press J to jump to the feed. 4 million[3]92% Human[3]8% other[3]Historic (Great Sith War): 4 million99% Humans1% other species[1] Primary terrain

After the battle, Dendup's reign as king was restored, and he chose Lux to represent Onderon in the Galactic Senate.[18]. Government You're my only hope.

Fauna This page was last edited on 6 July 2020, at 11:14. System However, these outcasts soon learned to survive and even defend themselves, and eventually formed a second civilization, the Beast Riders.

Great walls and defenses kept the savage wilderness at bay.[11]. Temperate[1] Primary language(s) Rotation period Suns

It was almost as if Revan did not want to attack it. I've scoured the entire map countless times but have no idea where they are. Here, Palpatine was killed by Han Solo and attempted to possess Anakin Solo, but in the skirmish, a dying Brand caught his spirit and dragged the Emperor down to the Netherworld of the Force with himself.[20][12]. I must have done 2 dozens of runs by now with all bonus complete and I have no clue where the collision is occuring since I keep missing the achievement. With the new droid gunships, the rebels were forced to pull back, but they defeated the entire droid army and the gunships with rocket launchers, courtesy of Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka and his band.

[12] Ommin and Sith disciple Warb Null were slain, but so was Jedi Kith Kark. Dalgo[5]Fambaa[5]Pikobi[5]Ruping[5]Tee-muss[5]

[7] They continued their acts of defiance to Sanjay's rule throughout the city of Iziz.[6][8]. When the war was drawing to a close, it looked like Vaklu might overthrow the Queen. The destruction of the ordnance center crippled Imperial abilities to resupply its forces in the region. [3] The early Onderonians were described as having been peaceful before the arrival of the beasts of Dxun, but they soon learned to hunt and kill the animals. Dear Lord Akoru of Onderon Story and Lore.
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