200mm AutoCannon II Imagine you just trained into tech 2 modules and were looking for a well rounded fit for solo PvP.


Please provide any tips you have for how the fit should be flown.

200mm AutoCannon II, Barrage S Echoes.gg Portal - fan made Eve Echoes database and fitting simulator. This is a fast brawler for closing in quickly to unsuspecting targets and getting up close and personal. A LOT of guys like to kite frigs and assault frigs in an arty Thrasher, particularly with Snake implants. Same as Kirith Darkblades setup, and is wonderful!

Speed: 1859m/s (2620m/s hot) hey dude and glad you enjoyed the vid. When would you run that arty fit over a barrage based AC fit considering it's running a scram? A fitting for the Thrasher to be used in solo PvP.

Top Speed is above 1,8 km/s (up to 2,6km/s heated). I am, of course,... Quick Plug: Kiting and Counter-Kiting Guide.

Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Let's start with this: Matthew: In order to prepare this speech, I rang a few ... Ready for some Friday evening philosophy? A fitting for the Thrasher to be used in solo PvP. Replace 400mm Plate with meta / T1 in case of fitting issues. The thrasher is just better than all the others, and having some choice within each race will really make things interesting.Other than that, good fits. Right now Minimatar frigates are markedly worse than the rest so actually I'd like CCP NOT to rebalance in exactly the same manner where they gimp one race and please please we don't need yet another dominant Caldari ship category. 6 comments. Introduction and Definition "Implants" in EVE Online refer to a set of up to ten semi-permanent bonuses applied to your characte... Let's delve into a simple story of EVE players behaving badly.

Resistance Profile on 30/20/40/50 granting at least some protection from EM Damage / Lasers while not significantly impacting the overall eHP. You can use either one depending on preference. Hey all, i've been flying rifters for pvp but wanted more guns so i bought a thrasher (purely for killing frigs), all the fits i see on the net point towards ditching the 400mm tungsten i have for a gyro, and ditching the web for a shield extender!! Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Try to start your fight at 0 or close in quickly to your target (overheat MWD and approach).

120 DPS heated at 10 km with Barrage

I'm not usually the type to call out individual EVE players on this... Introduction Editor's introduction to the first publishing of this guide. Imagine you just trained into tech 2 modules and were looking for a well rounded fit for solo PvP. 200mm AutoCannon II 200mm AutoCannon II, Barrage S On a side note you forgot to change the EM rig on the arty fit, which I copy pasted hence the confusion.

In case your target has a web or manages to get out of range for you to effectively hit them, reload to Barrage and continue shooting, this will reduce the impact of getting web/scram kited at least some.

Have your Warp Scrambler heated and ready to scram your target as soon as possible. I'm at 3/4 for the most part in that area. I'm at 3/4 for the most part in that area. The bad news is Rifters are now second class frigates that only the elite pilots can pull off against the other frigates. It can use tech 1 or tech 2 modules and ammo. Here's a nullsec oriented one good for burning in a straight line and blapping tackle but that's about it. [H] 7 x 200mm Autocannon II [H] 1 x Small Energy Neutralizer II [M] Medium Shield Extender II [M] 1MN Microwarpdrive I [M] J5b Warp Scrambler Small Trimark Armor Pump I Hi ive just got tech 2 autocannons and im dying to try them out. 400mm Plate + Rigs and T2 DCU grant a lot of resistance in exchange for potential DPS. TOUGH - In addition to its speed and dps, the CNI can easily fit 22k+ effective HP (counting the active effects of its shield extenders).While not as tough as a battlecruiser or one of the more defensively-oriented T6 cruisers, this is more than enough to outlast PvE and PvP opponents and gives plenty of time to escape in the event of a mistake. 200mm AutoCannon II so make sure to go through multiple losses to get an idea (and consider why one might swap fits around), consider the fact that you don't always need to have a scram or a point if you blow people up before they have a chance to warp, especially on an arty thrasher, if you want to fly it in null then I would go mwd point web. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I can use T2 light guns, but I'm not fully skilled up in capacitor and powergrid management yet. 200mm AutoCannon II

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