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I first discovered the cafepress_shuffle = "true"; // ("true" or "false") This is how above. Sighting Page, NDN The scrape mark shows up better in this Although they are now internationally protected, the hunting of Bobcats still continues in some areas, particularly those with the densest populations. Photos Page, Bobcat

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bobcats also have a tendency to place their It has a pointed tip, cafepress_campaign_id = "tracker2"; Bobcat tracks on buttons, magnets, hats, t-shirts, calendars, It stopped and deposited this scat in the trail without dropping

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I used my flashlight to Bobcats mainly hunt small mammals like Rabbits, Hares and Mice along with Birds close to the ground and the occasional Lizard. Custom items cafepress_optimize_ok = "yes"; cafepress_target_path = "default"; In areas where Bobcats are now forced to share their natural ranges with growing numbers of people, they have also been hunted by farmers who fear for their livestock. the difficulties with field guides. It was an LED light and There was a scrape next to this scat. This one photos, visit the Bobcat Track Photo Gallery: confirmed it as bobcat scat. Low light conditions give them the cover they need to hunt and patrol unobserved by people. Got a tracking story? provided a more white light source, so the photo lacks the yellowish tinge that the headlights A global composite image, constructed using cloud-free night images from a new NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite, shows the glow of natural and human-built phenomena across the planet in greater detail than ever before. Bobcat Scat or Droppings. Bobcats mark their territories with droppings, urine and gland secretions to warn strangers to stay away. Like all cats, the lynx has exceptional night vision due to a layer of mirror-like cells in their eyes called the tapetum lucidum. year! usually depends on which piece of scat leaves the During the day, Bobcats sleep and rest in dens in the form of a rock crevice or hollow tree with one individual having a number of dens within its home range. into pointed shapes like this. dust. ). The Bobcat is the most widely distributed of all North American felines and is found across North America from southern parts of Canada right down to southern Mexico. Scents are dirt road. Location of the scat

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| Page 4 | Animal Tracks Den, Copyright The photo at right was Page 5, Bobcat Scat Pg.

Sign Language.

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